Review: Galactic Empire – 'Galactic Empire'

rd February 2017. This debut is an absolute beast, featuring eleven tracks (full listing below). My favourite tracks have to be ‘Main Theme’, ‘The Imperial March’, ‘Duel Of The Fates’, and ‘The Force Theme’. The Main Theme was an absolute must really… can any self-respecting Star Wars fan not love the main theme? I also know if I’m ever at a Galactic Empire show, I will be going absolutely mental. ‘The Imperial March’, also another favourite because… well fuck, it’s Darth Vader’s theme! Red lightsabers and black capes are the way forward, my metal friends! I’d maybe argue that ‘Duel Of The Fates’ is my ultra-favourite from Galactic Empire. The reason? It is originally played during the climax of ‘The Phantom Menace’… my absolute favourite scene ever… the Jedi against Darth Maul. Seriously though, it is awesome but just in the sheer complexity that this track holds. It opens up with some intense vocals, then we hear the drums and bass, then… boom! ‘The Force’… ahhh the force! Such a great opening, with a slowed-down guitar solo and a lovely dulled bass in the background, before everything comes together in perfect harmony. There’s a whole bunch of different guitars techniques used in this track. It absolutely slays! My overall thoughts? I fucking loved this record. Honestly, what Galactic Empire bring to the scene isn’t only different, it’s comical, it’s real, they’re real. They love what they do, and fucking hell, Star Wars is just great. What a theme to pick! They’re also incredible musicians. Really, really good work! They also sound really like August Burns Red… so if you like Star Wars and you like August Burns Red, you’re in for a treat! 10/10. Track Listing: Main Theme The Imperial March Duel of the Fates The Force Theme The Astroid Field Battle Of The Heroes Cantina Band Bens Death/Tie Fighter Attack Across The Stars The Forest Battle The Throne Room/End Title. ‘Galactic Empire is available from iTunes   Review: Carol Black

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