Review: Exenemy – 'Overture'

“It is about all the Unnamed Soldiers (one of our upcoming tracks) who died for this land and now are buried under our feet and we don’t even know their names. For them we get to live another day, yet many little of us are thankful for that. Even after all their hard fought death we are still not liberated. We live in a country/world where we are afraid of going out and showing or presenting ourselves the way we are because of our so called saints/rulers/leaders who are twisted by their greed for money and power. All the songs in this EP is for you rebellious sons of guns. Get your wings back up again and raise your voice for our martyrs’ victory serenade.” So  now you have some background, let’s get down to what really matters to you guys… the music. The EP starts with  “Rusty Wings”. This was the track I first heard, and made sure I would be back for more. I am going to exclude the production from this, as it isn’t the best, but it does not deflect from the class on display here, in fact, it kind of gives it an old school, NWOBHM feel. If you like shredding you are going to fall in love with this song. It has a real DragonForce feel, but for such a young band they have taken it to a different level. Everything you want from a thrash/speed/power band is in there. The guitar work, the breakdown, the anthemic vocals, and some excellent old school keyboards. To top it off, you have some amazing bass lines that reminded me of Billy Sheehan or Steve Harris (yes, that good). Luckily for me, you do not need to take my word for it, check out the lyric video above. Next up is “Twisted Saints”, and this has a darker, slower start, and reminded me more of a Yngvie Malmsteen track. The guitar work is brilliant and this turns out to be a real toe tapper/headbanger of a tune. The forced, angry vocals will remind you of Dave Mustaine at his very best. It is also a double tap wet dream. “Victory Serenade” kicks off with a guitar shred getting higher and higher. Without even being able to see them, I can envisage the hands at work, treading a frantic path up and down that fretboard. You get a chant-along chorus that must be brilliant live. Emran Hassan’s vocals soar with pitch perfect note, but once again it is down to Shanil ‘Arny’ and Ahmed Souren on guitar to leave you with your mouth open in sheer amazement and joy. The double axe attack has an almost Iron Maiden/Judas Priest tinge to it. They compliment each other so well, and break over each other with skill, determination and outright quality. If this band do not make it, I am going to throw the towel in and give up this reviewing nonsense. If a band of this ability cannot be heard around the world, my job becomes null and void. We all know the bands are out there. The next big thing may just be sitting in their parents garage and making a god awful noise right this minute, but right now, Exenemy have arrived, and I for one cannot wait for “The Choir Of The Martyrs”. That one will not be kicking around waiting to be played, I can assure you. Now it is over to you and to help you all get the name out there, click HERE to download the EP for free…..yes, for FREE! Listen, download, and share away. I want to see this band come to the UK, and see them shred my face off live. Review: Ritchie Birnie]]>

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