Review : DevilDriver – 'Trust No One'

The truth is, I never liked you” Fafara spits disdainfully over some terrifically headbang-y melodic grooves. There’s also a distinct nu metal flavour to the track, an unavoidable remnant, no doubt, of Fafara’s return to Coal Chamber. ‘Bad Deeds’ shows their musical similarity to fellow NWOAHMers Machine Head, albeit with a more streamlined and less self indulgent bent. The crunchy, whirly riffs throughout make for excellent ear candy, as does the drumtastic workout and almost classic metal vibe of the blistering title track, and the taut fury in ‘My Night Sky’. Tension and anger also seem to rear their heads in every song, it has to be said. DevilDriver are unmistakeably in full ‘rage against the machine’ mode here, whether it’s against politicians (‘This Deception’), religion (‘Feeling Ungodly’) or simply our future (the gut-punching ‘Retribution’). A small glimmer of hope is offered right at the end: despite its mournful tone, ‘For What It’s Worth’, all face shredding classic metal riffs and nu metal drumming, tells us it’s ok to just…try your best in this shitty world. It’s a small gesture, but there’s comfort in it. ‘Trust No One’ is a fascinating insight into this precise time in DevilDriver’s career. Full of righteous anger and indignation, packed with their usual heavy groove and power, but also liberally dosed in nu metal (check out lead single ‘Daybreak’ to hear what a perfect fusion of Fafara’s two bands sounds like), it’s an album that both kicks ass and takes names, while the glimmer of redemption in the closing track means it’s not all entirely doom and gloom. NWOAHM may be a relatively new beast in the heavy metal flock, but albums like this certainly hint at it being a durable one. Review: Melanie Brehaut]]>

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