Review: Dead Agents – 'Dead Agents' EP

I’ve been waiting, waiting” live. “Haters” draws you in weaving the bass, guitars and drums around each other. The vocals have a slight echo, reminding me of The Clash or early The Jam. It ebbs and flows, throwing everything they have into the melting pot. The crashing drums interplay with distorted bass, whilst the guitars sneer and bite. There is soft-edged aggression that draws you in, eager to discover what’s next. The drums introduce “Drowning”, leading to a muscular bass line and guitars developing skewed riffs and thunderous chords, whereas “Be My God” uses off-beat rhythm and sneering vocals to keep your interest. The bass blasts away with the throbbing drums, adding funk and drive, backed up by the magnificence of the guitar licks. Dead Agents are no shrinking violets; their music demands to be heard, grabbing you by the throat and not backing off. “Be My God” is a terrific track that I have repeated A LOT,  and never grown bored of. Striking a different tone, “Don’t Talk To Me” starts like a movie soundtrack. The interplay between bass and guitars is still very much present, but slightly more pared back here. This allows the vocals to shine through, with the backing of some beautiful, vivid riffs. Dead Agents are a band that can also deal with complexity, and are not afraid to slow things down. The production on this EP is strikingly good; very direct and conveys some of the feel of the intensity of a live performance, which I really loved. ‘Dead Agents’ is a fast-moving, direct EP, with some gems on it, all begging to be heard live. The songs contain enough contrast and variation to maintain interest, whilst acting as a preview of all Dead Agents can offer. I am off to press play again, and immerse myself once more in this great EP. ‘Dead Agents’ is out right now, hot off the press. More information can be found on their Facebook.  Review: Samantha Lamb Band image courtesy of Kris Askey]]>

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