Review: The Cruel Knives – 'Side One' EP

the drug that you can’t quit, you’re the itch under my skin”, to the fierce riffs and throbbing drumming, this is a statement about how to do modern rock. It is an enormous track that will have you pressing repeat over and over. “Kill The Messenger” has a slower beginning with bass and drums centre stage, building into a furiously paced track as the muscular bass line is ripped up with some snarly, aggressive hooks. There is a modern punk feel, but at its heart is sublime guitar work that brings a massive smile to your face. “Squeeze”, with its singing guitars and heavy drumming, takes no prisoners either. This is full throttle, balls out, rock. The signature riffs are plentiful, combining with an enormous sound from the rhythm section. All too soon, you are at the final track, but “The Promised Land” is a sure-fire hit. Slightly lighter in tone, wah wah guitars continue throughout, which builds dramatically into the instantly catchy chorus. The Cruel Knives play around with tempo and texture throughout this track, creating interest rather than detraction. ‘Side One’ is finished, and I really want to be able to flip and continue with Side Two! This is accessible, accomplished rock played with sublime forethought and integrity. There are nods to the Heaven’s Basement past, but to me this has more of a feel of Those Damn Crows, and their like, who are currently rewriting the rule book. I have listened to this EP over and over, and don’t think there is a weak track on it. It is brave, new rock that you want to keep listening to. ‘Side One’ is available July 28th, more information can be found on the official Facebook. Review: Samantha Lamb    ]]>

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