Review: Crobot – 'Welcome To Fat City'

Who Paid Your Dad To Be Here?”. The band has a great sense of humour, which spills out onto video (like Foo Fighters with balls), and is worthy of four minutes of anyone’s attention. ’Hold On For Dear Life’ is an early contender for favourite track on the album. Sabbath sized riffs, with Cornellesque vocals from Yeagley, on a track that simply crushes. Some doom/stoner vibes creep in as Crobot nail the listener to the wall. ‘Temple In The Sky’ is an epic of gigantic proportions, and the band follow it up with another, ‘Right Between The Eyes’, which has a great sludgy feel to it. This will crush live… j,ust the right side of heavy with a great drum sound. ’Steal The Show’ brings back the funk, and Yeagley’s bluesy harmonica reappears to great effect, as Crobot twist and turn through many tempo changes with a ‘live’ feel about it. ’Moment Of Truth’ is a slow-burning gem as the band get expansive and flex their muscles on some almighty jams. An almost Zeppelin-esque, bluesy intro as the song flitters between light and dark. The riffing is monstrous throughout, and when the timer hits two and a half minutes, they let fly and the song just takes off. Ending, as it started, with some laidback blues, it truly is an incredible track. ’Plague Of The Mammoth’ is all about Bishop’s guitar playing. Big riffs, without being overly flash, it has a modern feel to it, and rounds the album of in fine style. Difficult second album? Pah! ‘Welcome To Fat City’ blows that myth out of the water in the same way that ‘Vs’ did for Pearl Jam, and ‘Blackbird’ for Alter Bridge. It crushes and grooves like a weird pimped up hybrid of Ozzy and Huggy Bear, strutting down the sidewalk in Fat City (although not Aspen, where Hunter S.Thompson once ran for sheriff and wanted to change it’s name to Fat City! Thank you, Google). All I ask for guys, is that you please add the “Who paid your dad to be here?” T shirt to your range for the upcoming tour with Airbourne. Thank you, Mayor Yeagley. ‘Fat City’ is available now through Nuclear Blast. Review Dave Stott]]>

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