Review: Chronolyth – 'Atrophy'

MARCH, MARCH, MARCH…”, I’ve buckled in for the solo, which makes a very welcome return to this genre… and it’s a blinder. Great track, absolute stand out, and you have to catch the video for this as it’s a face-melter! So, track number nine is, ‘Ascension’, and lets read from the script. “You’re a scion to the hypocrisy, spit forth the word, picked so ungraciously. Nail yourself to your maker’s cross. This is not the word of God, the pages have been lost.” This kicks off with a metal riff, then surprises with a clean female vocal, picking out the highlights of the track, while an unholy shit-fest unfolds. We have racing guitar, strong female vocal and growling, all fighting, tumbling, and entwining, until all halts with, what else… a piano melody! I didn’t see that coming, and you know what? This is what makes this album. Its the variance, the changes, and the ability to take a punt on something many other bands wouldn’t even dream of, let alone consider. Monster track. Rounding out this review with the last track we have ‘Burn’, probably one of the more traditional tracks on the album, but it has a huge sound, like the offspring of Gojira and Grave Digger. Although not one of the stronger tracks, it’s a standout because it gets to about four minutes in and replaces the thrashfest with an atmospheric guitar that sucks you back in. It’s like a cliff hanger waiting to dock with the next album. The music on this album is savage and unrelenting. It’s technically strong, complex and precise, but without losing the emotion and variance that makes this genre, but most importantly, it has a heavy, thumping groove permeating through it. Not only does this album fit a gap in the Australian market, as there is only one other band that I know of who are anywhere near this level, but this will appeal to the international set. It’s a complete recording with no fillers and no time wasters. It’s as honest as the band’s sound, and is filled with ideas and concepts. ‘Sovereign’ was a hard act to follow, but ‘Atrophy’ does just that and raises the ante. This will be a gig to see and… below are the dates! A great album. This tour will go off! Chronolyth will be hitting the road in support of ‘Atrophy’ from April to June

Chronolyth Tour Dates

Friday, April 29: The Brightside, Brisbane Saturday, April 30: Ballina Hotel, Ballina Friday, May 6: The Helm, Sunshine Coast Saturday, May 7: Lounge 1868, Maryborough Friday, May 13: Bass Bar, Wagga Wagga Saturday, May 14: The Vault, Newcastle Friday, May 20: Molly Malones, Townsville Saturday, May 21: Billabong Kuranda, Cairns Friday, June 3: Enigma Bar, Adelaide Saturday, June 4: The Basement, Canberra Friday, June 10: Karova Lounge, Ballarat Saturday, June 11: TBA, Melbourne Sunday, June 12: Musicman Megastore, Bendigo Friday, June 17: Flamingos, Rockhampton Saturday, June 18: TBA, Gladstone Sunday, June 19: Railway Hotel, Bundaberg (All Ages) Friday, June 24: Bald Faced Stag, Sydney Saturday, June 25: Leagues Club, Woy Woy Review: Craig Grant]]>

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