Review : Beasto Blanco – 'Beasto Blanco'

I may not have been born with a crown on my head, but mom gave me muscles and knuckles instead”. Hell, yeah! The song then explodes into life with an almost “industrial” rhythm, complete with what sounds like a hammer pounding away on metal. One of the pleasing aspects on the album is way more vocals from Calico. One such example is the stunning cover of ‘Feed My Frankenstein’. Beasto Blanco have taken one of Alice Cooper’s most beloved tracks of the last few decades and knocked it on its ass. Beginning with an acoustic intro from Latham, it builds into a smouldering few minutes of pure unadulterated rawk for a new generation. Calico handles the verses with her sultry, almost spoken word, vocals that breathe new life into a slice of Cooper history. She also takes lead vocals on ‘Machine Girl’ which spews forth into the world like a Tarantino soundtrack speeding out of it’s skull, apt description considering that Beasto Blanco would be the ideal house band for The Titty Twister bar, open From Dusk Till Dawn, if you are ever in the area? The main crux of the album, I feel, is the trilogy that forms mid album. ‘Dark Matter’ begins with a good old fashioned Moog synthesizer playing over Garric’s effects-laden vocals, atmospheric and dark as hell. Just as you think the song is beginning to fade out, Beasto Blanco come back, and the listener’s mind is blown, the searing solo from Latham having the same effect as Dave Gilmour’s did on ‘Comfortably Numb’. Having not yet recovered fully from this moment, the volume is hiked up, and Bad Santa himself is whispering into my ear….”The dark is good for hunting…”. ‘Sadhana’ is a short, but stunning, spoken word piece from Billy Bob Thornton from an original poem written by Chuck’s wife Lindsay. Listen to it on headphones, and it is very unnerving. Then it’s straight into ‘I Rise’, and we’re back on familiar territory with Beasto Blanco rattling along at breakneck speed. Individually, three very different moments, but collectively, they flow seamlessly into one another. From here on in it’s rock and fucking roll with a huge beaming smile on everyone’s face as ‘Honey’, ‘Blind Drive’, and the foot stomping ‘Damnation’ round the album off in fine style. My end of year top five albums list was complete until Beasto Blanco came roaring out of the left field with a genuine, totally surprising album that simply refuses to leave my mindset. Available now through Rat Pak Records Review: Dave Stott  

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