Review: Art Of Dying – 'Nevermore' EP

I’m sick of getting torn down, I’m sick of getting back up, I’m sick of getting torn down, I know I’m stronger…” The song has anthemic qualities, in the same way that ’Bully’ had for Shinedown, as well as a strong message that most people can identify with. The title track is another anthem in the making. Über commercial, with a non threatening vibe, but still enough bite to stop those that like a bit of steel from switching off. We all like the opportunity to show that we are in touch with our feelings, and this is one such opportunity. ‘Seen This Coming’ seems deeply personal, dealing with the fallout from a toxic relationship, which let’s face it, we’ve all been there, and have the scars to prove it. ‘Paradise’ has a killer drum sound throughout, as the song weaves through several tempo changes. Laid back in places, it is perhaps the strongest of the six featured tracks. That “Eagles In Chains” comparison? Yep, this is the one that hammers that observation home. ‘Cages’ closes the EP out, and is easily the angriest. Someone is pissed at someone, and using the medium of song to make their feelings known. Damn someone’s ears must be burning! ‘Nevermore’ seems to be a form of catharsis for Hetherington, and hopefully it will have served it’s purpose. Although very personal, the listener is never made to feel like an intruder. It’s a strong release that more than fills the gap before the next Art Of Dying full lengther. Review: Dave Stott  

‘Nevermore’ is available now from the Art Of Dying website.


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