Review: 3 Pill Morning – 'Never Look Back'

You won’t ignore us anymore” call to arms from Stebbins. ’Escape’ is the strongest song on the album, and deserves to be massive. A life-affirming song that many will identify with on so many different levels. Commercial, but with a kick like a mule. ’Never Look Back’ and ’Crumbs’ both possess an instant sound that is simply massive, and will totally slay audiences when played live. ’Tonight I Wrote A Song For You’ is the big ballad on the album, and even though it follows the tried and trusted formula of a soft intro leading into a harder sound it still sounds strong. ’Vultures’, and closing track ‘Kill For You’, are both very dark and atmospheric, with the latter especially impressive. It’s fair to say that if you enjoy some Cannibal Corpse or Cradle Of Filth, then chances are you will baulk at 3 Pill Morning, but if you dig the bands listed at the top, then ‘Never Look Back’ deserves a home in your album collection. ‘Never Look Back’ is available now on Countdown Entertainment through The Fuel Music. Review by Dave Stott  

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