Photo Gallery: Massive Wagons @ The Yard, Cornwall

“A quick chat with Baz before Massive Wagons came on stage led to the joke that they were going to look like the Spice Girls after Speedhorn’s violent assault on the ears and that they might start with a nice ballad, but Wagons are a band that knows how to play an audience. For me, they were the band of the day. The setlist was superb. Opening with “Pressure” they quickly followed on with lockdown anthem “In it Together” and the crowd was theirs. I have been waiting to hear “The Curry Song” live since it was released and it is bloody glorious fun. It split opinion when released but with a crowd singing back it is irresistible. How about this for a run to the finishing line? “Bangin’ in your Stereo” gets heads bobbing. “Tokyo” is introduced with a nod to the NWoCR compilation album that has just charted at number 10 in the charts. “Billy Balloon Head” follows and I almost lose my voice singing along (for months my Spotify decided that whenever I used it in the car the opening line of “HELLLOOOOOOOOO” blared out at me and it was a great way to start a workday). “China Plates” makes a welcome return to the set (for me one of Wagons best songs) and of course we finish with the perfect tribute of “Back to the Stack”. Spice Girls my arse!”

Review & images – Rob Wilkins

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