Nomad Anthem: New Single ‘Good Intentions’

“Good Intentions is reflecting on a broken relation from the outside looking in. Subject one is an emotional manipulator living in ignorance who has burnt bridges with the majority of those once close to them. Subject two has unconditional love for the other and is prepared to work through the pain barrier to ensure that they don’t derail from their tracks. Both love one another. Both live their lives with good intentions. But perhaps it’s time to make a change.”

Good Intentions by name.. Good Intentions by nature!

Any pre-release (and release day) sales will go to The Sir Bobby Robson Foundation Cancer Charity. The charity does not employ professional fund-raisers to pro-actively raise money and coordinate volunteers, has no fund-raising targets, and relies completely on third party, volunteer fund-raisers, and the incredible generosity of the general public. So.. with this in mind, the guys wanted to do their bit to assist.

Pre-Order Link:

The single itself will be available to buy on its own or you can buy a specially bundled “album” for a knockdown price.

Full Tracklisting is:
1.Good Intentions (the new single)
2. Anywhere But Here
3. Ballad Of Foundry Lane
4. Endeavour
5. Wake Up Call
6. Rising Up
7. Heartstrings
8. Adrenaline

Nomad Anthem are

Doogy (Bob Douglass) – Vocals & Guitar
Mat (Mat Frost) – Drums
Wig – (Andrew Wigham) – Bass Guitar
Featured Artists on “Good Intentions”
James Hattersley // John O’Hare (One Million Motors)
Nic Wood (Tired Of Fighting)
Graham Taylor (Filthy Filthy)

Good Intentions was written by Nomad Anthem (Music) and B Douglass (Lyrics)

Formed in 2019, Nomad Anthem are a three-piece punk rock band based in the United Kingdom. The rock trio originate from the vibrant city of Newcastle Upon Tyne and have recently been recognised for their song writing abilities by North East radio station ‘Nova Radio’, having been voted as ‘2020 Band Of The Year’ by their audience.

Their debut single, ‘Endeavour’, has received their greatest applause across the UK rock scene and was recently added to the Punkboot Promotions 2020 compilation release, ‘Spirit of DIY – Volume 2’.

And the recent nationwide lockdown periods have not prevented the band from working away at their craft as they are soon to release their new single ‘Good Intentions’, the follow up to the ‘Anywhere But Here EP’ (September 2020) and their most recent release, ‘Wake Up Call’ (January 2021).

Known for their own brand of hook-driven, high-energy rock shows, the band plan to gig across the country later in 2021 with the highlight of their calendar so far being The Great British Alternative Music Festival in October alongside bitter hitters such as The Wildhearts and Stiff Little Fingers.

This release sees Nomad Anthem team up with other underground artists, One Million Motors, Tired Of Fighting and Filthy Filthy and we hope you’ll agree that it’s another pop punk banger! This new single is another great example of how the band have not let the worldwide pandemic stop them in their tracks and
has seen them continuing to go from strength to strength.

‘Good Intentions’ will be released on Friday 7th May 2021 and will be available via all major digital stores and streaming services.


Endeavour (August 2019) (Feb 2020 – Spirit of DIY – Volume 2 CD)
Heartstrings (September 2019)
Adrenaline (January 2020)
Rising Up (July 2020)
Anywhere But Here [EP and Single] (September 2020)
Wake Up Call (January 2021)

Previous Media Features

Joe Keenan, Warner Music – (Rising UP) “It’s like Green Day, Blink and Biffy Collaborated. Brilliant!”
Rock Radio UK – “A fantastic single with all the elements to become a hit”
Rock Shotz Soundz (April 23rd 2020) – “Endeavour and Heartstrings have both had us completely caught by their infectious hooks”

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