LaVire: New Single – ‘Fall From Grace’ out 30/6/23

LaVire is a 4-piece heavy rock band from Lincoln. Drawing influences from major arena artists of the last few decades, and with an emphasis on composition and song-craft, they bear comparison to the likes of Alter Bridge, Biffy Clyro, Halestorm and Muse, to name a few. The band record and produce all their music. In 2022 they released their debut 5 track EP ‘No Truth To Tell, Pt.1’ and the forthcoming new single ‘Fall From Grace’ will give us a taste of what’s to come with their 2nd EP release, scheduled for later this year.

New single ‘Fall From Grace’ will be released on Friday 30th June at 00:00 GMT across all streaming platforms.

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“‘All songs can be interpreted however we want. How I hear it, Fall From Grace tells the story of freeing ourselves from manipulation and power play. How certain behaviours hide dark and self-serving purposes but in the end what goes around comes around and the true nature of these type of individuals are eventually uncovered.” – Chloe Jolivel

Every member of LaVire produces our music, crafting our sound from a labyrinth of experience and influences. Aaron H comes fully prepared with how the guitar parts will sit in the mix, whether he’s shredding elaborate layers using delay pedals and varied amps and pick-ups, or carefully tracking fragile, picked or strummed parts, to ensure a sense of space and changing dynamic. Aaron S works with me on additional parts that we wouldn’t include in our live sound, such as synthesisers, piano and strings, all complimenting the song without undermining our heavy rock roots. He’s also got a MAD ear for frequencies! And Chloé has a keen ear for her own timbre, harmonies and dynamics, carefully listening to each instrumental part against her vocals to ensure the music and voice sit together. All vocal styles and effects are directed by Chloé, and like Aaron H, these are usually well-planned in advance with creative tweaks along the way.

LaVire are:

Chloe Jolivel (lead vocals)

Aaron Hall (guitars)

Aaron Smith (bass)

Adam Perkins (drums)

Photo Credit – Charlie Bland Photography

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