KEYS: New Single/Video – ‘Angelfire’

“Melodic hard rock to prog symphony…incredible innovation” ROCK CANDY

“Awesome melodies…absolute pomp rock heaven” FIREWORKS

“Stellar musicianship” POWERPLAY

“Keys, keys and more keys, with waves of instrumental bombast” PROG

KEYS is a collaboration between keyboardist Mark Mangold (Touch, Drive, She Said, Michael Bolton, Cher, Paul Rodgers) and singer Jake E (Cyhra, Amaranthe). Their ambitious new band elevates keyboard performance skills to fresh heights of prowess on songs that run the gamut from progressive and melodic rock anthems to goth and even death metal tinged sound tapestries, all featuring an award-winning vocal talent (Jake E was recently voted Burrn magazine Vocalist of the Year).


Debut album ‘When Shadows Fall’ out now on CD | digital
[12:12 Records/Cargo]

Cargo Records  |  Spotify  |  Apple Music  |  Amazon Music

The duo first met when Jake and his band Cyhra recorded in Mark’s studio in New York in 2019. Having decided to collaborate as KEYS, they co-wrote and recorded ‘When Shadows Fall’ the following year and mixed it in 2021. The album also features drummer Alex Landenburg (Kamelot, Cyhra, Rhapsody) and guest keyboard parts from Charlie Calv (Angel).

Displaying the full versatility of keyboard-oriented rock, the artfully crafted songs that comprise ‘When Shadows Fall’ feature synth and organ pyrotechnics, dazzling time signatures, bombastic choruses, and guitar riffs that are actually played on keyboards with plug-ins but emulate guitars perfectly. The album was released in the summer of 2022.

Given that both Mark and Jake are first and foremost award winning songwriters, they never lose sight of the composition and melody in each track, albeit couched in a distinct signature sound and coupled with the latter’s four octave vocal range.

The album also includes the singles ‘RIP’ VIDEO, ‘Feast Of Lies’ VIDEO and ‘Goodtimes’ VIDEO.

Jake E – vocals
Mark Mangold – keyboards, backing vocals
Charlie Calv – keyboards, backing vocals
Alex Landenburg – drums

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