JARS: New Album – “ДЖРС III”

Moscow-based trio Jars have released their third full-length album ДЖРС III on digital, CD on P.O.G.O. records (Europe) in co-production with Forbidden Place records (USA), and later in vinyl.


On their third full-length album JARS turn away from straight-forward politicised punk rock of “Подлог” (Forgery) EP to more complicated sound and personal lyrics, keeping their recognisable anger and loudness. Since the latest release and a month-long tour from Russia to Portugal and back, the band’s line-up changed by two-thirds. With their new drummer Mikhail Rackaev and bassist Pavel Orlov JARS sound melodic and groovy, sometimes even blending funk influences, while guitar and vocals by Anton Obrazeena stay ugly, abrasive, and sharp, reminding of Shellac, Drive Like Jehu and Årabrot. The first half of new record rushes forward with hardcore punk and metal-infused riffs; the band literally builds walls of noise like Swans or My Bloody Valentine do. After the “Ultramarathon” things get darker and slower, ending with a 10-minute epic “Moscow does not believe in tears”, which deals with morbid themes like domestic violence and stalking. All in all, this album is a highlight in Jars discography, and they know it, giving the release just a twisted Russian version of a band’s name with a number – ДЖРС III.

Band bio

Jars is a Moscow-based trio, whose music is not for the faint of heart: the band’s style of noise-rock is ferocious, relentless, and vicious. The sound they produce takes you back to the 1990s and makes you think you’re dealing with the signees of Amphetamine Reptile, possibly the most influential record label for the genre. Although stylistically Jars reminds of their implacable Western brethren, their catchy lyrics are written in Russian and tell stories about a life of a “small man”, who’s aspiring his dreams despite the amount of consumed substances and daily routine.

Formed in 2011, Jars have released 3 albums and 2 EPs, played in the cities from Lisbon on the west to Ulaanbaatar and Vladivostok on the east and shared the stage with such acts as Melt Banana, Iceage, The Garden, ’68, The Wytches, Raketkanon and many more. The band’s frontman, Anton, was also one of the organizers of Moscow’s Troyka fest, a short documentary about which was published on pitchfork.com

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