Introducing: King Of The Dead

King Of The Dead are a band that are not afraid to be bold. The 3 piece Horror Rock band are a celebration of the macabre and the weird. The music is anthemic and dark (think 30 Seconds To Mars meets Ghost) with driving guitars and soaring vocals. New single “Control” is the start of a 5 song story about sacrifice, possession, and the occult. While the band are busy spreading malevolence, their mouthpiece – the mysterious masked figure known simply as the Familiar – talks us through everything that you need to know about King Of The Dead…

What are the origins of King Of The Dead, how long have the band been together?

While King of the Dead is a new band, the members have been playing together in some form since time immemorial. It is a collective of individuals from different times and places that have come together to create a unique experience. I am the Familiar, their mouthpiece.

What should people expect when they check the band out? 

King of the Dead a Horror Rock band. The focus is on catchy music and theatrics. The band is a physical representation of an ancient cult known as “The Sign”. The music tells a story of possession and the occult.

The new single, ‘Control’, has just been released, what was it about this one that made the band chose it as a single? And, what lyrical themes are featured on the track?

The song is the start of a 5 part story about a person that gives themselves to forces that they don’t quite understand as a means of escaping their everyday existence. ‘Control’ is about the circumstances that lead this individual to that place.

‘Control’ is accompanied by a killer animated lyric video, illustrated by Sam Mayle, and animated by Drew at Unit 15 Studios. Did the band give them a loose concept to work with, and how blown away were the band when they saw the finished product?

The lyric video is a great introduction to the story behind the music. In Sam the band has found another vessel in which to express the concept. His artwork is a fantastic realisation of the story, it perfectly sets the tone for the listeners. Drew also did a great job, it has become something the band are very proud of.

I believe that ‘Control’ is the start of a 5 song story about sacrifice, possession, and the occult. Are the other songs similar in style to ‘Control’? And what is the plan for releasing the other songs, will they be staggered and then available as an EP?

A lot of different stylistic ground is covered in these songs. It was important to not write the same song 5 different times, so there is a contrast of light and shade. This reflects the struggle of the protagonist of the concept. Each song will be released separately, along with a video. After the last song is released, the band will compile the songs for a physical release with some additional content.

The band are also working on a comic book release to accompany the story. The lyric video is an introduction to this as it hints at various plot points.

Judging by ‘Control’, vocal hooks play a major role in King Of The Dead?

The band collectively are drawn to artists and songs that have an emphasis on vocal hooks. They want first and foremost to write good songs that people will connect with. Eternal subjugation is, of course, the next logical step.

Kings of the macabre Ghost seems to be an influence? One of the standard slurs aimed at Ghost is that they “don’t sound like they look”, that’s a kind of fucked up way of thinking, isn’t it?!

It is an odd criticism to lay against any band, but it is true that people tend to listen a lot with their eyes whether or not they like to admit it.

A strong visual image seems quite important to King Of The Dead, with the new music scene bursting at the seams with fresh talent, what ways do you feel that a band has to stand out from the others trying to build a name?

It’s important to come up with and stick to a certain vision. Music has changed a lot over the years but something that has not changed is that people like to know where they stand with a band. Be bold, you’ll never be everything for everyone, so just do what you do convincingly and it will resonate with somebody. For instance, people that like King of the Dead are looking for eternal condemnation.

Who would be the ideal band for King Of The Dead to open for?

KISS, the original theatrical rock band. Although I believe that King of the Dead could open for any band with an audience open to evil.

Although 2020 has been a year to forget, there has been some great music released; what would be your album of the year?

The three stand out releases for the band have been the self-titled album by Bad Nerves, Mass Hypnosis and the Dark Triad by Bill Fisher, and Tickets To My Downfall by Machine Gun Kelly.

What plans does the band have for 2021 should COVID ever disappear?!

The band has planned 2021 based around not being able to play any shows. It is an unfortunate state of affairs, but the world still turns. By the time COVID has disappeared or become a manageable factor in people’s lives, the band will have developed a more compelling experience.

How active are you on social media and where can people connect with the band?

I, the Familiar, run the band’s social media. The band are too busy spreading malevolence to focus on such things.

Instagram: @kotdband
Twitter: @kotdband

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