Introducing: exPorter

exPorter is an alternative rock band based out of Southern California. The band consists of brothers Alec and Destin Cavazos (Guitar/Vocals – Bass/Vocals) with friend Henry Kish (on Drums).

What are the origins of exPorter, how long have you been playing together?

Destin Cavazos (Bass/Vocals): True story and I’m not sure if anyone believes it yet but exPorter got started as a band because of Rock Band on the Wii. Growing up, Alec and I loved that game and we played it all the time in our family’s mancave. Our dad sees us rocking out and said if you’re going to pretend to be rock stars you might as well learn how to actually play instruments. Next thing we know I’m taking bass lessons and Alec was taking guitar and that set everything in motion. That was like 10 years ago.

Alec Cavazos (Guitar/Vocals): Yeah it almost didn’t happen though cause I really didn’t like playing the guitar at first. I mean I still liked looking cool like we did on the Wii, but I didn’t really connect with actually playing the guitar for a bit. But I kept working at it and then one day it clicked. Lessons were weird for me and nothing worked then all of a sudden it did and I haven’t stopped playing guitar since.

What should people expect when they check the band out? How would you describe exPorter?

AC: If you’re checking us out live I think people are always having a good time seeing an exPorter show. We love playing live and we have a ton of fun on stage. Last time we chatted with you all I said people are always coming up to us saying how much fun we looked like we were having….that’s still happening. It’s strange cause why wouldn’t we be having fun? We are having fun, we’re jumping around or making jokes or whatever but definitely having fun. I think the audience picks up on that.

DC: In terms of how we describe ourselves, we’ve been saying that if Blink and Green Day had a baby you would have exPorter. We did a show in San Francisco and someone came up after saying he was there when Green Day was just starting out and reminded him of that. Pretty cool to hear something like that!

How did you feel performing your first gig as a band, and how was it?!

DC: Our first gig together was definitely pretty nerve wracking. I mean Alec and I had been playing together and we’ve always been pretty comfortable on stage, but we’d only practiced with Henry a couple of times before that first show. I don’t even think Henry had played onstage at all before. But from the get-go things just felt like they clicked. That first show together really taught us sometimes the best thing you can do is just get up and play.

The new music scene is bursting at the seams at the minute with fresh talent, in what ways do you feel that a band has to stand out to build a name for themselves?

AC: Last time I mentioned that I think for us, we just focus on being true to ourselves and the music we want to do. I think that works really. When we last chatted, Blink was not Blink and pop-punk was something you heard every now and then. Now it’s everywhere. Blink and Green Day are back and putting on some of the biggest shows out there. We could have tried to be something that we aren’t but we stuck to our vibe and I think we get noticed for the type of stuff we always wanted to do anyway.

What are you working on at the minute that people can check out?

DC: We’re still supporting our debut album “NoBrakesNoBrakesNoBrakes” and have a couple ideas for promoting one more song off that. Maybe a video. But we’re also working on new stuff. Just yesterday Alec wrapped vocals on a new single. It’s straight-up pop-punk 101. We can’t wait to get this out for people to take a listen.

In terms of a similar audience, which band out there at the minute do you feel you would be best suited to open for?

DC: I still say someone like Joyce Manor. SoCal bands, similar themes, yeah, that would be a great show.

AC: Yeah, I think a band like Joyce Manor is one we could do a great job with and love to be a part of. More people are starting to notice them which is great so it would be cool to get out on the road with them.

Excluding yourself, which new band would you like to see break out and become a success?

AC: There are still some great bands coming out of Santa Barbara, and it would be cool to have someone start checking us all out. We’re still pretty close with a band called Loc Dawgs. We also started a lil record label project as sort of this community for these bands there and our first “signing” was this band called Trout Club.

DC: Yeah the boys in Trout Club have a really unique vibe as a band. We just put their debut album on CD!

It’s a cool music scene going on right now too so it would be cool to see some love for our local band pals.

What are your own first musical memories? And what was the lightbulb moment that made you go “I want to do that”?

DC: I had a love for being onstage for as long as I can remember. I did musical theater throughout most of my time in school, but even before that, I loved to just get up and perform for people, family, friends, etc. I don’t know if I really had that a-ha moment where I wanted to be a rock star, I just loved performing and still do.

AC: First memories for me would be playing Dammit by Blink 182 on guitar I would also act like I was Tom DeLonge, so definitely watching Tom live on YouTube or in person always pushes me forward even to this day.

What was the last gig that you attended as a fan?

AC: Last show I went to was the Hotelier and Foxing with Glitterer. Definitely a top 5 concert I’ve been to!

DC: I saw TV Girl recently. Also got to see Death Cab AND Postal Service which was really cool. Ben Gibbard is an influence on me for sure, so getting to see him double up in one show was great!

What current social issue are you particularly passionate about?

DC: Gay Rights! Still! When we chatted in 22 I said the same thing and it’s STILL crazy how people just trying to live their best lives can be met with such hatred. It’s sad really.

The album that you have in your album collection/Spotify playlist that would surprise most people?

AC: Ha! Taylor Swift is still on my Spotify. I stand by that!

What does 2024 hold for exPorter?

AC: We’re getting ready to put out some shows at breweries around CA. I think we were looking for a cool name for the shows like Brewery Tourawry or something but we couldn’t agree on one. So we just bought a bunch of exPorter beer koozies to hand out. Come out to a show and we’ll give you a beer koozie!

And as Destin mentioned, we have a new song we’re about to release. Hopefully, it will be out just as this interview hits the streets 😊

How active are you on social media and where can people connect with you?

DC: Well last time we admitted that we should really be doing a better job at this and I’m happy to say we’re working on it. We have a friend managing us now and part of the deal is for him to keep us more active on SM is the best place to find us.

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