Hunted By Elephants: New Single – Carry On

Brit hard rockers HUNTED BY ELEPHANTS will drop their stunning new album, Carry On, on Friday 15th January. The UK newcomers have also just unleashed the album’s namesake, Carry On, as single and video.

HUNTED BY ELEPHANTS were formed in mid-2018 by Apostolos Liapis (vocals), Roman Flourendzou (guitar) and Raymond Phelan (bass), and are now joined by Alex Butticè (drums). The London-based rock ‘n’ rollers provoke favourable comparisons stretching from classic rock heavyweights such as Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, through to modern genre-based counterparts: Rival Sons, Greta Van Fleet, and Queens Of The Stone Age. With a shared love for hard rock from the 1970’s and beyond, HUNTED BY ELEPHANTS despatch riff-driven cuts that are drenched with an analogue warmth, and potent and energetic drumming, all rounded out by chunky low-end grooves and captivating vocals.

The foursome’s much-respected debut album, Rise of the Elephant, landed in 2019, and soon picked up solid support from the underground. The record also featured two popular singles, Unnamed and Human Eyes. Lifted by the response to their debut release, the energetic rock crew began work on their sophomore album, Carry On.

Armed with an exciting new record that exudes groove, vitality, variety and robust energetic riffery, HUNTED BY ELEPHANTS will inevitably shine in 2021. Vocalist, Apostolos Liapis comments about the release: “For us, our second album is all about the chemistry of the band in our performing and song-writing. We always wanted to run with how we recorded the first album and how records were made back in the 70s – all the instruments recorded playing live together. We did this to capture the musical energy of the band and the songs. We’ve worked with some great people on this record – our London based producer, visual artist in France, video producer in London, and have a Grammy Award-winning mastering engineer in LA on board. We’re really excited to show everyone what we’ve achieved with them”. Stay glued to the band’s socials for details on incoming singles, videos, and live performances.

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