Heaven's Basement Drummer, Chris Rivers' Art.

As many Heaven’s Basement fans will already know, drummer Chris Rivers Nuttall is as renowned for painting on to drum skins as he is at hitting them! Well, he also paints oil on canvas, and he has released some new work recently, the four final paintings from the Backstar series, based on the final work of the legendary, and sorely missed, David Bowie. limited edition prints of these are now available from his online store, a link to which is at the bottom of this page.
Chris has also been involved with a children’s book called Zak And Jen’s Astronomical Adventures. Written by Natalie Page, Chris has provided the illustrations. It will be published on May 29th, and is now available to pre order from Amazon so if you’ve got any young children in your family and you’re looking for something slightly alternative, check it out  HERE!
While it’s great to see the Chris has been keeping both busy and creative, we know many can’t wait for news on the follow up to the fantastic ‘Filthy Empire’ album. We’ll let you know when we hear anything.

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