Crancy Crock: New Live Album – ‘Ci vuol partecipazione’

Here comes alive “Ci vuol partecipazione”: the new live album from Crancy Crock. The new album contains twelve punk-rock songs recorded last June 18th during the streaming festival “Bergamo Strange Music Fest”, including “I Fought the Law” played with Riky Anelli like the Clash ‘Combat Rock’ version.

The new album has been mixed and mastered by Francesco Matano at Musica per il Cervello Studio and it has been released in collaboration with the independent labels Gasterecords and Samoan Records.

“Ci vuol partecipazione” is now available on digital stores, check out the live video of “Albero Nero”, above.

CRANCY CROCK were born in 1997 and play punk rock with Italian lyrics. They’ve released five albums, “Crancy Crock” (2002), “…nOn cOn Noi” (2006), “Il gioco delle palle” (2010), “Moderno Medioevo” (2014) and “Nuovi eVenti ”(2017), and two singles “Johnny Natale” (2019) and “Lacrime di cemento” on 03 August 2020.

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