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Review: Blackwater Conspiracy – Two Tails…

Blackwater Conspiracy

Fans of The Temperance Movement, take off those black armbands, give ‘A Deeper Cut’ a rest for a bit, and instead, turn your attention to Blackwater Conspiracy. The Norn Iron contingent return with album number two: ‘Two Tails & The Dirty Truth of Love & Revolution’, and calm is restored …

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Review: Delain – Apocalypse & Chill


Although it’s been close to four years since their last studio album: 2016’s excellent ‘Moonbathers’, Delain have hardly been idle. The Dutch symphonic rockers celebrated the 10th anniversary of their debut album ‘Lucidity’ with a lavish reissue, followed a year later with the Paradiso live album/blu ray. The first hint …

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Review: Another Day Dawns – ‘Stranger’ EP

Another Day Dawns

Hailing from Lehighton, Pennsylvania, Another Day Dawns are capitalising on the head of steam built up in 2019 through well received live shows, by releasing their latest EP: ‘Stranger’. Having toured with nu-metalcore outfit Issues last year, you could be forgiven for thinking that Another Day Dawns fall into the …

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Review: Gorilla Riot – Peach

Gorilla Riot

The full length debut album from Manchester’s Gorilla Riot begins with a real statement of intent. The heavy, doom-laden guitar instrumental ‘Rider I’ has more in common with the likes of Metallica than it does with the Southern Rock acts that Gorilla Riot have been compared to. For two minutes, …

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Review: Marko Hietala – Pyre Of The Black Heart

The individual members of Nightwish always come up with the goods when they branch out from their day job. Floor Jansen with Northward, Tuomas Holopainen with his solo work as well as Auri (also featuring Troy Donockley), and Emppu Vuorinen with Brother Firetribe. None of these projects sound anything remotely …

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Review: Anchor Lane – ‘Casino’

Anchor Lane

Showing great maturity, Anchor Lane resisted the urge to rush a debut album when they were first gaining a reputation as a fearsome live act. Instead, they concentrated on writing better songs and perfecting their craft by opening for acts as varied as Cheap Trick, Tremonti, and Eagles Of Death …

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Review: Dirty Shirley – ‘Dirty Shirley’

Dirty Shirley

  How good was ‘Bite!’, the debut album from Croatian newcomers Animal Drive? One of the strongest debut albums in recent years, it certainly made its mark amongst fans of high quality heavy rock. It also thrust vocalist Dino Jelusic into the limelight. This golden-throated youngster had hacks and fans …

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Review: Bones UK – ‘Unplugged’ (EP)

Bones UK

Think “unplugged” or “stripped back” and immediately a picture appears of a frontline of barstools and acoustic guitars, drummer behind the frontline, battering out a beat on a cajon or looking all serious with a pair of brushes in their hands. It’s a tried and tested formula, which means it …

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Review: Magnum – ‘The Serpent Rings’


Back in 1979 there were a number of rock bands that released their debut albums: Van Halen, Toto, Dire Straits, Whitesnake and of course Magnum. While some of the previously mentioned bands are still going, in one form or another, none of them have matched Magnum for their sheer musical …

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