Review: Cane Hill – "Too Far Gone"

Cane Hill are no newcomers to the alternative scene anymore. After their success with “Smile” in 2016, they are now set to release their second studio album, “Too Far Gone”, on the 19th January. Where to start? Well, it is a sure thing that the band have kept their style, but put a new spin on things so that it is not quite exactly the same. “Too Far Gone” comes in a little softer than previous material, but it still has that raunchy kick of fucked up. “Why?” took me aback, but swiftly became a favourite.  A bag full of melodies, harmonies, guitars and effects… Cane Hill, please, don’t stop playing with my head! “Too Far Gone” is heavy, and the perfect song to introduce the new album. This one will be very fun live I guarantee. The video accompanying this song is comical but messed up! Simple but effective… just like the song. “Lord Of The Flies” sounds more like the Cane Hill we have grown up with – but with a hint of more powerful harmonies and riffs. The edginess of Nu-metal is still very much alive and well! Conversely, when I first heard “Singing In The Swamp” I was a bit confused. It is the most chilled out I have ever heard Cane Hill. Even though the majority of the song is mellow, it was the calm before the storm then, POP, here we go! I will never tire of that punchy bass sound! “Too Far Gone” is the most refreshing metal album I have listened to in a good while. There isn’t a song on here that I don’t like. Every single one of them has their own story and own attitude. As a nu-metal fan, it’s great that Cane Hill still keep this genre alive, doing it really well, and throwing something new into the pot. Expect the unexpected. Having lived with this new Cane Hill for a while, I can declare I’m still a fan, will continue to be a fan, and cannot wait to see them  again! Find Cane Hill on Facebook, and preorder “Too Far Gone” here. Review: Carol Black]]>

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