Interview: Cabin Boy Jumped Ship

Thanks for your time guys. It’s very much appreciated.

“It’s all good. Pleasure to speak to you!”

Cabin Boy Jumped Ship has two distinct sounds, the guitar driven rock and the electronica. Who are the heroes that got you into each aspect of your sound? Must be a Pendulum fan in there somewhere?

“Ah yes! I can say that you are correct! All electronicore musicians can appreciate that band in some way, due to the fact that they were just immense sounding and pioneering.The production values were massive. Obviously, everyone in Cabin Boy Jumped Ship has very mixed, broad tastes, but there are places where our influences often blend together, and with everyone’s little ideas combined, we just try to create something we all can agree feels good to play. I guess we just want our sound to have an impact.”

Do you see an opportunity to bring the electronica to the fore in future recordings? Is this something that comes out more in live performances?

“We were just speaking the other day of the possibility of doing something much more electronic based on the new album, which we will start work on much later this year. Everything, for now, is very guitar driven, but we have ideas of incorporating many more elements to our performance. Don’t get me wrong, when we play live, the synths are loud and proud. We always tell the sound guy to make them the loudest thing in the mix.”

We enjoyed the chance to review ‘Pathways’. There seems to be a very positive response to it. Are you happy with how it’s gone and how it has been received? We enjoyed it here in Australia!

“Thanks. That means a lot to hear! The majority of the people we call our fans have only said positive things, and it’s lovely to know they rate it. It’s often hard to believe that they enjoy listening to it as much as we do making it. Not going to lie though, there have been people that hate it, but that’s cool, as variety is the spice of life.”

We described ‘Pathways’ as, “a bouncing metal fest”, but clearly the band is going in many directions at the same time. How do you see the sound panning out as you guys develop? Is there a plan, or is it just see how it grows?

“We will just keep making music, and seeing what happens for as long as it stays fun, and that we are happy with the sounds we are making. Many people who like Cabin Boy Jumped Ship have said that our two EPs are worlds apart, and that we’ve made a lot of progress.  So now, with future songs, we are just going to step it all up even more, keep pushing forwards, and try to make something truly unique. Maybe if we make something decent enough then we might be able to come and tour over there in Australia [haha]!”

Talking of touring, we have the Pathways Tour. So, what’s the plan? Endless rehearsals or wing it?!

“We have spent the past month perfecting the brand new set as a live performance. We wrote the songs for this new EP as we went along in a studio, so we could be as creative as possible. We made all these new songs and didn’t even try to perform them live until after mastering. We learned how to play them all together when it was all finalised. When it comes to being out on the road again, the instincts set in. We just go at the live shows like a bull at a gate. We just want to entertain and have a good time. Also, the fact we always have such amazing opening acts and support bands, who are talented as hell, means that we have to find a way to try to top it every night… which means we go hard or go home!”

Let’s talk about the Cabin Boy Jumped Ship look, the war-paint in particular. How did that start? There must be a story here!

“We felt it would be cool to all have an image that’s not just the ‘usual’, us wearing our regular clothes, like normal musicians! Like, rather than just be ourselves as individuals specifically, we adopt our band look. Something that brings us unity as a group, to tie us all together as a unit. We all look slightly different, and express our individualities with the new on-stage look, but you can just tell we are all in the same group. Music is art too, and it’s fun to express and introduce a more theatrical element back into the metalcore sound that bands don’t often have these days.”

I was very impressed that you guys threw your weight behind an anti-bullying campaign. In fact, you donated all of your profits from the single ‘Replace The Hate’ to the anti-bullying charity Ditch The Label. Seems an obvious answer to me, but why that charity? I would be interested to know if you think social media makes things better or worse.

“It’s nice to be able to help in some way, but the simple fact is being bullied sucks! It happens everywhere, and most people have experienced it somehow. Social media can just be used as another tool to make a person feel like shit and wear them down.  It can be utilised as yet another weapon to use against someone, so I guess it makes the problem even worse sometimes!”

Last question, and always the joker in the pack. Cabin Boy Jumped Ship can go on tour with anyone at the moment. Who, and where, would that be? I’m with Iron Maiden in Rio!!

“We would probably all, as a group, admit playing some arenas with Bring Me The Horizon… would be pretty sweet, and be the definitive answer to that question. Even better would be playing a festival with some proper big names on it. We wouldn’t say no to touring with Enter Shikari either!”

Thanks for your time guys, as well as the opportunity to review ‘Pathways’. Always a pleasure to review bands that are willing to take a risk.

“It’s all good, mate. Thank you very much, yourself.”

Interview with Cabin Boy

Interviewer: Craig Grant

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