Arc Arrival: New Single – Re:Birth

Stirlingshire tech metal trio Arc Arrival made their entrance onto the scene with the release of their debut EP C.H.A.O.S in October ’20. The first single Count Havoc Among Our Sins picked up airplay across metal stations around the world and gave the band their highest stream count since forming.

Re:Birth is the 2nd release from the EP and features the aggressive, high-energy sound and fast, brutal breakdowns that the band are known for.

Arc Arrival are: Greg Dick (vocals) Marc McGuire (drums) Mag Kiemer (guitar/bass)

New single Re:Birth is an explosive track. Heavy riffs pound away during the verses building up to an anthemic chorus. The song itself focuses on a protagonist who wishes to shed all their negative aspects; hatred, selfishness, misguided mindsets, and be reborn in a better version of themselves.

Produced by Arc Arrival.
Mixed & Mastered by Magnus Kiemer Productions

“Re:birth is technical, fast and intense, wearing our hearts on our sleeves just trying to get through life”

Connect with the band here.


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