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Review: Emily Wolfe – ‘The Blowback’

US singer/songwriter/guitarist Emily Wolfe returns with ‘The Blowback’, her first album since the release of 2021’s ‘Outlier’, and since that release, the world has gotten even-more fucked-up and ‘The Blowback’ is the explosive result of a few years where the phrase “Hold my beer…” was sadly all-too overused. Who knew …

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Review: Emily Wolfe – ‘Outlier’

What’s that you say? Fuzzy guitar tones mixed with catchy pop melodies and vocals that whisk the listener away on the fluffiest of fluffy clouds? Tell us more, please. Intrigue-meter firmly in the red as ‘Outlier’, the new album from Austin, Texas-based singer-songwriter and shit-hot guitarist Emily Wolfe crackles to …

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