Live Reviews

Review: Avatar – Avatar Ages: ‘Madness’

Had the pandemic not happened then Avatar would have no doubt spent 2020 on the road in support of their latest album: the astonishing ‘Hunter Gatherer’. The setlist for the tour would have, rightly so, focused on ‘Hunter Gatherer’, and no doubt with a handful of tracks from its predecessor …

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Review: Little Caesar – Boxing Day Livestream

Flashback to the late 80’s early 90’s and it was not an easy time for Little Caesar. Lumped in amongst the “hair” bands of the day, they really did stick out like the proverbial spare prick at a whore’s wedding. Similar to Ghost today, they didn’t sound like they looked, …

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Review: Kris Barras Band – Kris-Mas Livestream

With tour buses and Sprinter vans mothballed for most of 2020 (and beyond), musicians have had to think out of the box and embrace modern technology when it comes to keeping a connection with their respective fanbase. Most have upped their game with regards to social media and offered fans …

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Review: Frank Carter – Brixton Academy

With the clock on the screen counting down, waiting on Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes to appear is similar to watching the clock counting down on Sky Sports during transfer deadline day. But without Jim White bugging the shit out of everyone. So once the clock reaches zero, the voice …

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Review: Paradise Lost – The Mill, Bradford

It’s strange times that we’re living in. 2020 will be a year we’ll all remember, possibly not fondly, and certainly not for the number of gigs that we’ve attended. If you’re like me, where live music is a large part of your life, you’ll be missing meeting up with friends …

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Review: Goo Goo Dolls – ‘Grounded’ Livestream

Okay, admit it, like us you thought this whole pandemic thing would be nothing more than a few weeks on the couch, slacking off from work using up “holiday” dates. Apart from epidemiologists, who honestly thought that some seven months later we would still be in this situation, with worse …

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Review: King Creature at “The Yard”

King Creature/Daxx and Roxane/Ethyrfield“The Yard” – Roseland, CornwallSaturday 5th September 202022nd February 2020. That was the last time I enjoyed live music. At the time I had no idea that the world, as we knew it, was about to change. I had a diary full of gigs and a summer …

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Review: Phil X & The Drills – Glasgow

Phil X

Once this run of dates with his band The Drills is over, Phil X goes back to his other band for a run of small, intimate gigs in places such as Madison Square Garden; two nights at the Garden actually. The “other band” being Bon Jovi of course. But on …

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Review: Samantha Fish – St Lukes, Glasgow

Samantha Fish

Making good on her promise to “be back real soon”, Samantha Fish has followed up her May 2019 jaunt around these shores, with another trek that takes in nine cities, ending in Brighton on Sunday March 8th. Why so soon you might ask? Well, current album; the rather special ‘Kill …

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Review: Marcus King – Oran Mor, Glasgow

Marcus King

It’s impossible to talk about the astonishing talent of Marcus King without mentioning his age. So let’s get it out of the way then, shall we? 23 years old, been playing live since the age of 11. Three albums with The Marcus King Band, one solo album just released. That’s …

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