Wildfire Fest…YOU DONE IT but there is more to do

After yesterday’s dramatic request and two panic ridden days Wildfire Fest organiser Dave Ritchie could breathe a sigh of relief after raising £5,000 in two days by the fantastic community that is Rock and Metal.

There is no point in me going over this and what it means so we managed to catch up with the man himself in amongst his calls, Facebook messages and all round shouts of support…take it away Dave.

I know some people close to me saw this is a gamble, but it really was do or die. No gimmicks no sob story, just get out there and tell the truth. The prime objective is still to get people to buy tickets as soon as possible and I know this may have put doubt in their mind, but make no mistake there will be a Wildfire Festival this June. I am absolutely overwhelmed that today less than 48 hours since I made a desperate plea on behalf of Wildfire it raised £5000. 276 people made a contribution and I know the appeal reached out to thousands more. If people read the back story they will know Wildfire really needs £10k to get out of the woods, but at least I can see some daylight. This will allow me to start preparing for the 5th anniversary event and that is a huge relief. The great thing about gofundme is that you get the money quickly, there is no upper limit and even if you do not hit your target all the money still goes into the event. I need to keep it running as long as possible, again try to reach out to rock and metal fans all over the country and just ask you to give up a bag of crisps or a can of juice and donate that £1.00 to help save what we still believe is a great rock and metal event.

So there you go people. It is amazing what you can do when you pull together. Please keep this going and take any doubt out of the equation. This really is a fantastic festival(just look at the line up people).

Watch this space for a chance to win two weekend tickets for Wildfire Fest


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