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After our reviewer Carol was thoroughly impressed with Walls Of Jericho’s new platter she got a chance to catch up with Candace…see what she is desperate for right this minute.

Firstly, thank you so for taking the time to talk to us here at Devils Gate Media, we really appreciate it!

Let’s start with your new record “No One Can Save You From Yourself” which is soon to be released… quite a powerful title I have to say. Would you like to expand on the inspiration behind it?

We feel it sums up the record as a whole. That today is is less accountability and more apathy. More concerned with ones self instead of uniting. We are the cause of our own destruction, we are also the masters of our own future. Action must happen for there to be growth. And in the end no one can do it for you but yourself.

You recently revealed “Relentless”. Why was this one chosen as the lead track?

Reletless holds a special place in my heart. We stared working with the organization during the first Powerlifting meet I did a few years back. We raise money for kids with cancer and other life-threatening illness. Just that alone is inspirational and respectable but it was the behind the scenes that really made me fall in love with Relentless. People who were involved weren’t just there for one event you can tell they dedicated their lives to helping these families and future families and give give hope to those who need it the most. This song was for te kids, families and people who make Relentless possible. That’s why we felt the song needed to be released first.

You also just released a brand new video “Fight The Good Fight”. Who’s idea was the concept for the video?

My friend Ryan Meade. It’s more a reintroduction to the band. Showing all sides of us, even the silly side. Also really address the mood of the record.

It’s been a long time since the last release. Why such a long wait?

Many reasons haha. After the release of American Dream and the band going strong for ten years I decided that it was time to start a family. This isn’t easy to do when the singer is a female. It was a little less than a two year break in total. After I wasn’t sure how much I could commit to the band. So we did limited touring and waited till I felt comfortable writing a new record. The band was 100% supportive the whole way and I couldn’t be more thankful for that.

Would you say the band¹s sound has evolved since “The American Dream”, and how? Oh heck yeah. During the eight years since we didn’t have new meterial we really played around and perfected our set list which helped our sound evolve. We created a vibe and energy on stage with a few songs from each record and decided we wanted this next record to embody that sound.

How do you think the fans are going to react to the new album? Do you think it will challenge them, and in what way?

It’s a bit more oldschool WOJ because Mike was really the only one writing the actual music and had his hand in the song structure. It’s high energy and heavy as shit. The lyrics were a band collaboration which is different from the other records. In the past I wrote about 90% and this record we all worked togther. So I love the different perspectives and topics we addressed.

You’ve got a gig coming up on the 25th of March, at The Shelter, Detroit. That’s getting close now! How pumped are you for it? It must be exciting?

Beyond stoked to play some of these new songs live and to finally have a record out after all this time. It’s our home town and we love being a part of the scene. It’s also a fundraiser for Relentless.

Can we to expect a full tour to be announced soon? Go on, give us a little more to look forward to!

Now that my daughter is older and understands why and for how long I leave we will be touring a bit more. It’s important to us to balance what we love doing and who we love. We are very family orientated. So yes, more touring and hitting the US and other places we haven’t seen in awhile.

And what of other plans in the immediate future for Walls Of Jericho?

Now that the flood gates are open to writing we want to release this record and than keep rolling!!

And finally, something a little different. If you could have anything right at this very second, anything, what would it be, and why?

A giant bowl of ice cream with all the chocolate fudge ever hahah. I’m four days into a no sugar no processed carbs thing and I can’t wait till the week is up. I eat pretty healthy and clean but I believe life is too short not to enjoy the little things.

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