The Bloody Nerve: New Video

The Bloody Nerve have released ‘A Million Arms’ as a single and video, beginning the roll-out of their impressive, brand-new concept album ‘All Blood, No Treasure’. The band are releasing this album episodically, track-by-track, like a Netflix series rather than a box set straight off, so as you’d expect singer/guitarist Stacey Blood and vocalist Laurie Ann Layne have made damn sure that the first instalment packs one hell of a punch for the launch and is sure to leave fans craving more.

Check out the video for ‘A Million Arms’ above.

‘A Million Arms’ — the track chosen to spearhead the album — opens with drums, then Laurie Ann’s banshee howl, Stacey’s fierce guitar riffs; then come razor-edged lyrics. It’s an uncompromising, anthemic opening to an ambitious, powerful concept album that showcases the band’s new, far rockier sound.

Stacey Blood lays it on the line this way: “‘A Million Arms’ starts ‘All Blood, No Treasure’ with no backstory. Because there is no backstory — just craziness. That’s all you get: Just dropped right in the middle of craziness, and don’t know why you’re there and you can’t get yourself oriented because the rules and decrees are irrational and contradictory. So, what now..?”

Neil Mach, writing for Raw Ramp, was struck by the track:“‘A Million Arms’ begins with the kind of withered scream that invades a soul to demand a beast’s release. Then comes a constricting riff, with watertight rhythms, and hermetic vocals…

“The voice is a chimeric blend of scraping and glottis, like a gloggy anointing made of warm rum and frosty citrus. My holy crap! If this is just the first instalment, what will the rest be like?”

What indeed? Check out this first instalment of ‘All Blood, No Treasure’ to judge for yourself!

Start that journey today with ‘A Million Arms’.

Available on all platforms now



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