Subservience Upheaval Review

The Brighton based Subservience have been kicking up a storm since their formation in 2010 with their concoction of Groove laden Death Metal. With a split record, a demo and 2 EP’s under their belt they’ve managed to generate an ever growing fanbase among the Metal community. They return now with their new EP Upheaval, claimed to be their most crushing offering to date. With appearances at Download and Hammerfest and numerous support slots with some of Death Metals finest as their accolades, their acclaim will surely only grow larger.

Title track Upheaval starts things off in style with some of the crunchiest Grooves humanly plausible. So many of their influences shine through here. The collosal shifting structures of bands like Gojira and Xerath enhanced by the driving riffery of Death Metal Titans like Deicide culminate in a glorious cacophony of violence.

Inhuman Savagery breaks out with a barrage of blitzkrieg drum flurries and quickly begins the business of constructing yet more formidable riffery. The groove though ever present is still dynamic, and they manage to work a growing roster of influences into their playing. The chorus here is highly anthemic, a trait rarely achieved in Death Metal without sacrificing ferocity.

Slither jumps in with the bassiest of intention, and as it couples with the distinctly unique riffs Subservience have managed to concoct here you can really start to hear the niche they’ve developed for themselves. It’s harder to cite specific influences which is always a good sign that they haven’t set out to imitate, but to carve new subtleties into the style.

Closing track Divine Malevolence takes the approach of adding layer upon layer of brutality, leading to my pick as the most exciting song Upheaval has to offer. It shifts continuously from monumental riff to monumental riff. Even incorporating hefty doses of Carcass and Bolt Thrower among their own stylistic templates. A sweeping and majestic way to finish off proceedings.

With Upheaval this Brighton quintet have planted their feet firmly on fresh ground. This is no attempt to make Metal by the numbers. Passion and craft can be heard in every vicious pore and every band member. This could just as easily appeal to an avid Lamb of God or Chimaira fan as it could an Entombed or Bolt Thrower fan. This balance of stylistic approaches will certainlty lead to ever more members of the Metal community flocking to their side. With this ongoing evolution and identity the prospects for the future are looking very promising for Subservience indeed. Sterling job gentlmen.

Review by Sam Smart


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