Review: Voodoo Vegas – ‘Hypnotise’ EP

Voodoo Vegas follow up the release of their 2013 debut album with a four track EP, to tide things over before they get back into the studio for another full length. The Bournemouth five-piece play Classic Rock, but with a modern twist on it, so it belongs to this decade much more than the 80’s or 90’s.

So what do you get for your hard earned money then? For less than a Big Mac meal you get four tracks of guitar-driven, high energy rock, from a band that have put the miles in on the road all over the UK and mainland Europe, supporting acts as varied as Y&T, Quo, and Fozzy, as well as a few juicy festival appearances.

‘Hypnotise’ kicks things off in fine style with some glorious riffing from both guitarists, Meryl Hamilton and Jon Dawson. You gotta love a band that uses twin guitars the way a rock band should. They don’t tickle their guitars, they play them loud (Hipster Indie bands take note please…). A real grower of a track, that gets better with multiple plays. Vocalist, Lawrence Case (think Jason Statham with hair) has a fine set of pipes on him, and the song, which has a nice groove throughout, builds steadily towards a rousing finale.

‘Tied Up’ is the current single and video. It’s a very up tempo, polished song, with some rather lovely hooks in it, again with some masterful guitar work that changes style during the mid-song break. Modern sounding, and catchy as hell.

‘Round And Round’ has a classic Skid Row feel to it. Case can hit the high notes with aplomb, and shines throughout, especially when he breaks out the harmonica mid-song, where the song takes a detour and gets funky on our asses. Nice work from the rhythm team of Jonno Smyth on drums, and Ash Moulton on bass. Should sound incredible live, this one.

‘Killing Joke’ closes the EP, and is by far the heaviest of the four tracks. Groove-laden and powerful, with a killer punch, and Jonno Smyth sounds like he’s having a blast knocking seven bells out of his kit.

‘Hypnotise’ has all the hallmarks of a young band with an abundance of confidence. A sound honed from all those miles on the road, and the experience gained from getting out there and gigging anywhere and everywhere. This is worth a fiver of anyone’s money.

You can download the EP from the usual tax avoiding outlets, or better still, get it straight from the source at

Review: David Stott


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