Review: Storm The Sky – 'Permanence'

Hailing from Melbourne, STORM THE SKY are a young six-piece who released their ‘Vigilance’ EP in 2013 to an overwhelming fan response. Their dual vocal attack and high energy live shows caught the attention of fans around Australia, with the self-released EP selling over 4,000 units, and becoming a word of mouth hit. Touring Australia consistently for 18 months, their reputation as a hard working live act has made them a great draw for fans around the country.
Yet again, Australia is providing us with even more stunning releases. This latest release is another credit to Australia’s contribution to the scene, and is an album worthy of a listen.
’Permanence’ is the first full length offering from Storm The Sky, and one that sets in good stead for the band’s future. From start to finish this album is stunning. A combination of both beautiful vocals, riffs, breakdowns and synth left me stunned by the sheer presence and power of this debut album.
After taking a listen to Storm The Sky’s self titled EP, released back in 2011, it is clear to see that the band has progressed massively. As a band, their writing style has matured and it is clear to see that they’ve developed a strong relationship between the vocal and instrumental parts. Each track is really well structured and different from the next. With ambient clean sections, to punishing breakdowns, this style of modern metal shies away from the stereotypical fashion of fast riffs and breakdowns. This has much more dynamic range and class.
Clean vocalist, Will Jarratt really nails this album. Soaring cleans and beautiful harmonies is something that I think is underrated in this style. It works really well in the style that
Storm The Sky has developed, and I think his vocals add a great sense of clarity and melody, which has been less apparent in previous releases. Following on from this, I would also like to make special note of Daniel Breen, the growls behind this full length. His vocals work really well along side Will’s and they both work in a complimentary manor. I think the band has done really well to balance out the mix between both growls and clean vocals. It is quite easy to go one sided and over-use one particular style of vocals, but I think the combination that they have settled on leaves each song with a new dynamic and fresh approach.
This album is very easy to listen to. It is well written, well produced and well constructed. I would recommend this album to anyone who takes an interest in the modern side of the Metal. For fans of Bring Me The Horizon, The Amity Affliction, The Plot In You, ‘Permanence’ is more than suitable and will leave you gasping for more.
These guys are off on tour with Chiodos at the end of the month but I sure as Hell hope they hit the shores of the UK soon. A band with a lot of talent and even more potential. I sense this is only the start.
Review: Siôn Roe
Storm The Sky have launched a stream of the entire album prior to it’s official release on 19th January 2015.
Listen to it here.
‘Permanence’ can be pre-ordered to download via iTunes, or physical CDs here.

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