Review: One Days Notice – 'Blackout'

One Days Notice, a 5 piece punk-rock band from Cleveland, OH, USA. Through the years that these guys have been a working band, they have released 3 albums. One Days Notice have not long been signed by Remember To Breathe Records, announced in November this year. One Days Notice are soon to drop their latest album “Blackout”, which is set to be released on 14 January 2016, following up from their previous album “When Dinosaurs Get Drunk”, which was released in September 2013. So a few years in the making, and has had their fans in suspense waiting for this next one.

Having spun this record a few times, I definitely got the old-skool punk-rock feel. It was almost like taking a step back to the early 90’s. One Days Notice reminded me of bands like MXPX and Yellowcard, but also they strangely reminded me of some indie bands like The View and The Kooks… With a touch of Fountains Of Wayne… One Days Notice actually also reminded me of bands that I have seen and heard on the hit US TV series One Tree Hill, which is really known for the punk-rock type feel soundtrack.

“Blackout” consists of 13 tracks, three of which, “All That I Know”, “Feel It Now”, and “When I Say When”, are up for streaming on their Soundcloud page. Personally I feel like these first 3 tracks are their strongest. They are slightly catchier than the rest of the ones on offer here. So have they done it right? It’s definitely a good way to start to win fans by throwing your catchiest tunes out there!

My favorite track out of the three has to be “Feel It Now”, for it’s slow start at the beginning with a piano, then it kicks into the whole band, but through the track is has little outbursts of the same piano melody heard at the beginning. This is one of their slowest tracks on the album.

My favourite track from this album isn’t, curiously, one of their three streaming tracks – My top track has got to be “Hey Anna”, simply because this track sounds like your ultimate punk-rock song. Fire it onto the jukebox with a few pints, and have a mental sing along with all your friends!

Another highlight is “I Never You”, the slowest track on the album. It’s obviously a bit of an emotional one for these guys. The lyrics “I’ll turn this flame into a fire” caught my attention straight away, I really felt it. Good sound and feel on this one!

Overall, it’s a good album, up-beat and lively. Everything you would expect from a punk-rock album really. Pretty solid! For any punk-rock fans out there this is definitely a good shout to have a swatch of! “Blackout” is currently on iTunes for pre-order so be sure to do that. One Days Notice currently don’t have any tours announced, but I am sure they will be touring after “Blackout” is released. Mid-2016 would be my guess, so keep an eye out for that!

Track List

1.All That I Know

2. Riot

3. Feel It Now

4. When I Say When

5. A Better Look

6. Hey Anna

7. I Never You

8. Won’t Back Down

9. Never Think Twice

10. Do What You Want

11. Slave

12. How Low

13. Thank You & Goodnight

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