Review: Mörbid Vomit – 'Return To The Crypts'

If you are looking for a new chunk of Old School Death Metal, then look no further than the first full length (of sorts) from Finland’s Mörbid Vomit, because it’s nothing short of face-ripping! I say ‘of sorts’, because it’s actually a compilation of two previously independently released offerings; ‘Demo 2012’ and 2013’s EP ‘I Breathe Hell’ packaged together by Blast Head Records. Given how good this compilation is, I am glad it now has a chance to reach the wider audience it so deserves, and this time it also includes an excellent bonus cover track.

Sound-wise, the release is an exciting blend of Swedish-style, buzz-saw Death Metal, that’s raw, brutal and straightforward, but with subtle melodies and hooks aplenty. With influences from the likes of Entombed, Dismember, and to a lesser extent, Unleashed, it’s a release that will keep you fascinated end to end.

Beginning with the four tracks from ‘Demo 2012’, the first track, ‘Blood Shall Be Shed’, is straight in with fast, buzzing riffing, pummelling drums and ground-shaking growls, belting out the opening line;

“Lucifer, by my side!!!!……”

Despite their depth, the vocals are stunningly clear, so you don’t miss any of the gory details in the lyric. This pace continues with ‘From the Unknown’, and ‘Embodiment Of Death’. More brutal excellence, the latter of which has the bonus of great second half lead work.

The final track ‘Another One to Die’ is the longest of the four at over four minutes duration, compared to the two and a half for its predecessors. It paces itself accordingly, and Mörbid Vomit make use if the extra time with varied tempo and direction shifts and a second half drop-away, which has superb blood curdling screams that have the hair on the back of your neck on end! A superb track.

The second batch of four tracks are from the 2013 EP ’I Breathe Hell’, beginning with ‘Engulfed By The Plague’. It’s slightly slower in tempo, with a subtle groove, but still brimming with buzzing brutality, and some great latter part lead work, combining to make a superb listen. Next, title track ‘I Breathe Hell’ is another of the “under three minute” offerings, and the tempo and crushing intensity is reflected accordingly. It’s followed by ‘Fuck The Dead’, another longer track, passing the four-minute mark. It’s dark and sinister, oozing evil. I love it!

The final track from the EP, ‘Torture Ritual’ is once again, another great track, one minute it’s slower and reflective and the next, crushingly up tempo, with more than its fair share of catchy hooks, sinister riffs and pummelling drums that break out into some tasty patterns, along with superb vocal inflection.

Although all eight tracks are excellent, there is a subtle difference in the bands confidence to express themselves musically in the EP tracks compared to the demo, and it’s great to hear this progression, subtle as it is, because it instils confidence that when the first proper full length comes out, it will be an even more superb offering.

The final ‘bonus track’, and only new offering here, is ‘Prime Mover’, a Ghost cover, and should really be described as an ‘upgrade’ rather than a ‘cover’. It’s way more ballsy and brutal than the original, and I think more than does the song justice. I much prefer this version, and it makes a great album ender.

‘Return to the Crypts’ is, end to end (and I can’t stress this enough), a superb Death Metal album.

Review: Jools Green


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