Review: Mammoth Mammoth EP – 'Mammoth Bloody Mammoth'

Mammoth Mammoth got a lot of attention when they were chosen to support the Black Label Society in their home town and the Melbourne group were the perfect choice as they believe in the power of the riff. This band plays no-nonsense garage rock, straight up in your face, with swagger and ability in equal portions and took about 30 seconds to whip punters into a rock-induced frenzy. That was the first time I had heard of a band’s sound being described as ‘murder fuzz’. Love to explain how that works but its best you check out the band, nod and accept it! The band’s unique sound is one reason to follow them. The other way, as a couple of million people found out, was for their video to be banned by You Tube due to 70s porn being spliced through it. Moving the video elsewhere saw the band attract a whole new range of fans, for the music of course. Classy marketing guys!

Somehow they manage to bottle that sound and trap it into their recordings as well. With four previous recordings under their belt the band have released a new four track EP called, ‘Mammoth Bloody Mammoth’ and it’s hotter than their dodgy video.

The opening track is, ‘Taste your Blood’ and it’s dirty, grimy, sleazy and awesome. Distorted, it staggers through three minutes of couldn’t-give-a-shit rock and its simple and primal. No mucking about and this is Australian rock as it should be. Next track is also a new one and it’s, ‘Drugs’. I’m sure that we are getting warned about the dangers of narcotics but I couldn’t make out a thing because I was hooked on the riff. Anyway top track and right in the groove.

Third song on the four track EP is, ‘Kick out the Jams’ which is a cover of the 1969 MC5 classic. Mammoth Mammoth have got balls taking this one on but they own it. It’s the highlight of the EP and I must have played it five times straight. Winner from the ‘motherfucker’ wail at the beginning to the sleaze ridden riffs that take us to the end. Then it’s onto the final track, ‘Dead Sea’, which is a remaster from MMIII, assuming you have the obi edition. It’s a great song when I first heard it but it seems beefed up now and even murkier than the original.

So, what a corker of an EP. If you haven’t seen these guys live you have got to see them and hear this primal garage sound. Lucky if you get to see them in Oz anymore as they seem to have taken up residency in Germany. Their live shows are just mental with antics and ‘crowd participation’ throughout the set. This EP will give you a window to what these guys are all about. Heard that there may be a vinyl edition if the offing and that would just complete the package for me. What else do you need to know? Rock ON!

Tour Dates: 17.02.16 DE – Wiesbaden / Schlachthof 18.02.16 BE – Antwerp / Trix 19.02.16 UK – London / Garage 20.02.16 FR – Paris / Divan Du Monde 21.02.16 FR – Nantes / Le Ferrailleur 22.02.16 CH – Pratteln / Z 7 23.02.16 DE – Munich / Feierwerk 24.02.16 DE – Berlin / Lido 25.02.16 DE – Leipzig / UT Connewitz 26.02.16 DE – Stuttgart / Universum 27.02.16 AT – Vienna / Arena

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