Review: Kodiak Jack – ‘Scars’ EP

Building on the success of their 2nd album ‘Alhambra’ from 2014, English Hard Rock 5-piece Kodiak Jack are looking to carry on the momentum by releasing a brand new 4 track EP simply called ‘Scars’. On the aforementioned ‘Alhambra’, the band worked alongside Brian Wheat , bass player for US rockers Tesla, and it’s fair to say that they gleaned a great deal from a highly respected and experienced musician, part of a band who, in their heyday, not only saw it all, but did it all.

So far, 2015 has been kind to Kodiak Jack, not only winning the ‘Best Band’ category at the Portsmouth Guide Awards, but also scoring a slot on the bill at the massive Isle Of Wight Festival, so this is a band not short on confidence in their ability. Their confidence from the live stage spills over into the recording studio, and the end result is four tracks full of sweet guitar riffs, plenty of hooks, big choruses, and a highly polished sound.

‘Only the Good’ kicks off ‘Scars’, and it’s easy to see why it’s been chosen as the first single. Instant slamming riffs from lead guitarist Jeff, ably assisted by Jon on both guitar and backing vocals, before vocalist Bryn comes in with some killer vocals, all the while the rhythm section of Keiran on drums and bassist Kev are laying down a beefy, steady beat. I love a band that doesn’t shy away from vocal harmonies, and this track features some great ones from Bryn and Jon .

Title track ‘Scars’ is my favourite of the four. A simple clean guitar intro that builds up to a great chorus, with some killer harmonies, that at times remind me of early Shinedown. Featuring some heartfelt and raw lyrics from Bryn, live, this must sound like a monster .

‘Sirens’ is big and bombastic, and showcases the twin guitar sound that, lets face it, only Hard Rock bands can do well. Try watching footage from Glastonbury, or T in the Park, featuring bands with two guitar players without screaming at the screen in disgust! It can’t be done – trust me. Some tasty riffs on this one.

The EP is rounded off by ‘All I want’, which would make a great set closer, very much fists in the air, head nodding to and fro. There are hints of Alter Bridge on this one, not so much the heavier side of AB, but maybe more akin to the likes of ‘Rise Today’. Again, some sweet riffs on this one.

‘Only the Good’ is released to download on July 27th with ‘Scars EP’ following, as both a CD and download, on August 10th .The plan seems to be for Kodiak Jack to hit the road in the Autumn to support the release of ‘Scars’, and any self respecting Hard Rock fan would be wise to check these guys out .

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Review: Dave Stott


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