Review: Klogr – ‘Keystone’

In the past, Klogr (pronounced Kay-log-are) have supported Prong. Next month, they are out on the road with The Rasmus. Talk about one extreme to the other, but, in a sense, that merely enhances the widespread appeal of the Italian/American band. The juxtaposition of the melodic aspects of Klogr, paired with the more aggressive side, is hardly new, but chances are, if you need everything compartmentalised, then Klogr will play havoc with your head. When it comes down to the nitty gritty there are only two forms of music anyway, good and bad. ‘Keystone’ is good, and better after a few listens, once you stop overthinking things, and just go with it. Fans of progressive metal might enjoy opener ‘Sleeping Through The Seasons’ or ‘Pride Before The Fall’, just as much as fans of the likes of Linkin Park or even Tool. Once they are here, they might stick around and enjoy the slower, trippier ‘Something’s In The Air’, which sounds massive when it’s cranked up to 11. One underlying factor to the Klogr vibe is the guitar sound that Gabriele Rustichelli and Pietro Quilichini both produce. Running the full gamut of modern metal guitar playing, the pair constantly mix it up to stunning effect. ‘Drag You Back’ showcases their prowess with heaps of crushing riffs and intricate fills. I love the tortured vocals from Rustichelli on this one, very dark indeed. One of the highlights on the album is the way the brooding instrumental ‘Siren’s Song’ leads into ‘Dark Tides’. Having actually started life with a massive Rush vibe, the song explodes into life before settling back down with another massive guitar solo. With multiple twists and turns throughout its four minutes, ‘Dark Tides’ features a stellar performance from Maicol Morgotti behind the skins and his four string compadre Roberto Galli. Leading on is ‘Silent Witness’ which is all about the bass, no treble… and unless my ears were deceiving me, a nice little homage to the Mission Impossible theme tune? The guitars are back in face melting mode during the intro to ‘Enigmatic Smile’, a track which is a great mash-up of old and new. If the prog metal fans that stuck their heads around the door earlier are still mooching about, then they will find plenty in closing track, ‘The Wall Of Illusion’, to enjoy, especially the floating mid-section that features some nice guitar flourishes. Special mention must go to the piece of art that adorns the cover, a stunning piece from Italian artist Andrea Saltini. It could definitely swing my decision towards vinyl, that’s for sure. ‘Keystone’ is available now through PHD. Follow Klogr on facebook for more information, including those live dates with The Rasmus. Review: Dave Stott  ]]>

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