Review: King Creature – Wisdom Told

Like many people, I surround myself with music that mirrors my mood and emotions. Out for a run? Get a bit of a beat going. Chilling out cooking? Happy, bouncy music to sing along to. On a long drive? Something loud and powerful. You get the picture. So, when I was given a preview of the new track and video from Cornish Metal band King Creature I thought I knew what to expect and turned up the volume expecting something loud, proud, and in your face. Twenty seconds later I was sat on the bed watching the lyrics scroll past and feeling “Smacked right in the feels”.

“Wisdom Told” opens with a dedication to “All the Fathers Past, Future and Present” and a gentle arpeggio. Vocalist/bassist Kellaway sings a low key, almost spoken lyric and it is clear that this is something very different. By the time of the first chorus, I had a tear in my eye and memories of my father, who passed away during lockdown, lending meaning to every word.

I was totally unprepared for what was to come though. The piece of music that gets to me EVERY time is the solo on Comfortably Numb and out of nowhere “Wisdom Told” takes me to that same place with soaring and flowing musicianship of utter class. To finish me off completely the video shows a montage of photos of fathers sent in by fans. I both love and hate how music can break through to what lies deep within you and this does so spectacularly. The ending just layers on more beautifully emotional guitar work from Vincent and Evans as Bassett batters hell out of the kit, again, reminiscent of that extended end solo of Gilmour’s as more photos fill the screen. I will be honest that by this point I had tears streaming down my face.

In a week’s time, I am lucky enough to be joining the band, along with Daxx and Roxanne and Ethyrfield for an intriguing and groundbreaking live performance. I can’t wait to hear this live and will spend a few minutes letting it wash over me and maybe blinking away another tear or two.

I am sure there will be previews of more new music from the upcoming album “Set The World On Fire” to get excited over too! 

Add Wisdom Told to your playlists now:

‘Set The World On Fire’ is available on CD and Vinyl and can be ordered with a limited album artwork t-shirt, pre-order here.

Words and images – Rob Wilkins 

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