Review: Kill All The Gentlemen – ‘The Faustian Delusion’

With three years under their belts, Exeter veterans, Kill All The Gentlemen have announced a brand new EP, to be released in January 2016. I managed to get an early listen, and boy is it a treat.

‘Intro’ – To kick off this punishing 5 tracker, we are greeted by a haunting intro. From the depths of a horror film, we hear the drops of water, the swirling gust and the voice of a haunted man. At ease? Not a chance.

‘At Your Peril’ – Without any hesitation, frontman Adam Martin draws us in with a blood curdling exhale, accompanied by the gutsiest of riffs. This track is a masterclass from drummer, Olan Parkinson. Blasts, fills and double-kick from dawn till dusk. This is a fine assault, and one that certainly gets the EP off to a promising start.

‘Eritis Sicut Deus’ – The melody is strong with this one. The force clearly felt, as this track gets off to a strong start with driven riffs and melodies from the book of head bangers finest. Adam Martin once again proving his vocal capabilities on this track, whilst his partner in crime, Andrew Pike, provides his skills on the fret board. Just under the five-minute point, there is a transition that is flawless, and one that goes into my favorite section of the EP so far. Simply stunning, this is a track that’ll certainly go down a treat live.

‘Raped By Ghosts’ – This track has a certain element of beauty. Despite its title, the intro arranges a stunning soundscape before delving into the main body of the track. Ben Andrew’s bass parts proving a tasty addition in the early stages of this track. A gorgeous chorus section that has passion at its soul divides this track up. At seven and a half minutes, this track certainly goes the distance, increasingly heavier as it progresses. Easily my favorite track of the EP, and one that I am keen to hear live.

‘Colder’ – To bring the EP to a close we come to ‘Colder’. Dark, heavy, and full of riffs… exactly what we have come to know KATG for. By far the best solo on this EP occurs here!. The track flickers between fast and faster, no restraint by any means, but certainly sends the EP out with a bang. This is another prime example of the bands musicianship, with each part playing a vital role in its unified sound. This is also one of the tightest tracks on the record, and one that will leave you feeling well and truly abused.

It’s great to see another shining light beaming from Exeter’s rock and metal scene. By far the best release we have heard from Kill All The Gentlemen, and one that I hope will see them gain further recognition amongst the national metal scene. 2016 is already looking promising for them with the announcement of the EP release show on the 14th of January, and on the bill of Breaking Bands Festival on the 27th – 29th of May 2016. Be sure to catch them at a show, and pick up a copy of ‘The Faustian Delusion’ when it’s released in January.

Review: Siôn Roe


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