Review: Kaets – 'Human Machine'

Injecting a fresh dose of energy into Metal is the debut full length release, ‘Human Machine’ from Kaets, the quintet from Châtellerault, whose sound is a mix of modern Thrash Metal, blended with hard-hitting, yet groove rich, Death Metal. The album features ten new songs, following on from the success that their 2012 demo ‘Funny Things Of Life’ brought them and is a lively, pummelling offering.

After a short ‘Intro’ it’s straight into opening track, the crushing groove that is ‘Human Machine’, followed by ‘Full Destruction Of Time’, which has a hypnotic repeat to the riffs. ‘Over That Game’ has an interesting mix of intense riffing and a stomping groove , with a couple of brief lead breakouts. ‘Lies’ has a good balance between the hypnotic chugging groove and harsh vocals, which manifest here as both a venomous hiss and a deeper growl, and with a dramatic latter part drop to the pace .

Although ‘Human Machine’ is a good album I didn’t fully to get into it until midway through, where it gets groovier, with the arrival of ‘The Last Dance’. Here, dirty riffs and moody rhythms contrast superbly against vocal growls. This is an initially slower, darker offering, but the pace does pick up, and the vocals deepen. There also a great second half repeat and good closing lead work. ‘Fucking Rain’ has a superb sleazy groove to complement the growls. Midway, the pace drops briefly, but as it rebuilds, the mood is completely different, adding a good contrast, but that wonderfully sleazy groove returns, just before the close. An excellent track. On ‘My Creation’ there is machine gun riffing alongside higher lead work to complement, and a definite “southern feel” to the vocal intonation. There’s a brief but good midpoint drum flourish for added interest. The spiralling riffs, that rise and fall, have a decidedly hypnotic quality on ‘Death’. Another midpoint drum flourish, and again, a sleazy edge to groove, with vocal growls that are well intonated. Once again a winning combination, followed by the mother of all breakdowns, and the deepest vocal growls of the album in the latter part. Final track ‘The Trial’ also has that lovely, sleazy, addictive groove, but also has a punchy quality to the riffs… a great album closer.

‘Human Machine’ is available via Klonosphere Records.

Review: Jools Green


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