Review: Honeymoon Disease – 'The Transcendence'

Don’t know what the hell they are putting in the water in Sweden these days, but I don’t remember another country being such a hotbed for 70’s inspired Rock bands. There’s so many cracking acts coming out of Sweden right now, that the waft of patchouli oil is overpowering. Hailing from Gothenburg, the rather fetchingly titled Honeymoon Disease are the latest band to be added to the list that includes bands such as Graveyard, Blues Pills, and Ghost.

Released through Napalm Records, ‘The Transcendence’ will, according to the bands website, ‘appeal to fans of Kiss, Rainbow, Thin Lizzy, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple‘ but to be honest, that’s limiting the bands appeal to old farts like me, when in fact there is enough on the album to interest anyone at all who has a hankering for groovy Rock ‘n’ Roll, despite what decade it might be steeped in.

Rock bands with twin guitars follow such a rich heritage that other genres with similar amounts of guitarists will never understand. Honeymoon Disease embrace the twin guitar dynamic, and add their own unique touch with guitarists Jenna and Acid showing great flair. At times punky (‘Imperial Mind’ and ‘You’re Too Late’) with vocals that echo Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane at their most psychedelic, Honeymoon Disease keep it simple, but yet very effective.

‘The Transcendence’ is crammed full of riffs, great hooks, and infectious Hard Rock. ‘Break Up’ and ‘Bellevue Groove’ are smothered in smooth grooves, whilst ‘Fast Love’ opens with a nice homage to Rory Gallagher, before an all out assault on the senses.’Gotta Move’ was recently one of Classic Rock magazine’s tracks of the week. A fine slab of heads-down boogie that gets the feet tapping and the butt shaking.

70’s Rock, Retro Rock.. call it whatever you will, but like Mick said…’It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll but I like It…’

‘The Transcendence’ is released through Napalm Records on November 20th for more information go to

Review: Dave Stott


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