Review: Head Honcho – ‘Appetite For Distraction’

With its grey skies and general gloomy demeanour – matched only by Scotland, Blackpool, and Manchester – Seattle is the perfect breeding ground for Punk Rock. The speedy, underground kind of Punk, not the hi-sheen, manufactured sound that tries to pass itself off as “punk” today: 1975 with their “punk” single – oh do fuck off. Enter stage left; Head Honcho and their latest album ‘Appetite For Distraction’. 14 short, sharp, minutes which roll back the decades to a time when punk was a way of life, and a reaction to the fat, overblown mess that most Rock music had become.

There is no chance of getting bored while listening to ‘Appetite To Distraction’, as the five-piece do not hang around. Opening track ‘But, So It Is’ doesn’t even pass the two minute track; no fat here. Fast-paced with fantastic vocals; throbbing, speeding bass, and guitars and drums played at a furious pace. There is also a metallized edge to Head Honcho; speedy, neck-straining riffs on ‘We Done Stuck Gold Pa!’ for instance, a slight old-school NWOBHM-meets-thrash influence. Again, the bass lines really stick out, and rattle the listeners teeth loose.

‘Sweathögg’ is a hardcore fist to the back of the head, the shortest of the seven tracks; it is totally killer. The NWOBHM influence (conscious or not) shines through on the guitar intro to ‘Throne Of Lies’, and at times throughout you might pick up a Maiden (Paul Di’Anno years) vibe. ‘Dudes Of Tunisia’ see’s Head Honcho going all mystical Zeppelin-like…nah, it’s more full-on hardcore punk, with some neat guitar breaks thrown in, and great gang-vocals. ‘Mantooth’ is the best song that Ginger Wildheart never wrote, and ‘We Approached High’ brings this fine album to a conclusion with a totally gonzo mash-up of so many different textures.

‘Appetite For Distraction’ is great fun. No getting away from that. It’s the perfect enema up the ass of modern American Rock music today.

Available on Bandcamp now, more information here.

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