Review: Fear Me December – 'Crystallized' EP

Crystallized’ is what modern metal sounds like today. Traditionalists might baulk, but nowadays young music fans are less fussy.  Someone that likes Bring Me The Horizon for instance, might also go and see Papa Roach as well as Imagine Dragons. Shinedown have just produced their most modern sounding album to date, and sold out a decent sized UK tour pretty sharpish. Times have changed, it’s not all about who can play the fastest, or heaviest, anymore. Bands can mix it up, lines merge, genres blend. Deal with it. As long as it’s good quality, who really cares what it is classed as? And this is good quality. Further investigation is mandatory. ‘Crystallized’ EP is released September 7th, details on how you can pledge are available here. Live dates – 25/8 – Sanctuary, Burnley 01/9 – The Northern, Bradford (lizard fest) 04/9 – Nice N Sleazy, Glasgow 05/9 – Victoria Inn, Derby 06/9 – Gullivers, Manchester 07/9 – Santiago bar, Leeds 08/9 – Little building, Newcastle 20/10 – Black Mass, Wakefield Review: Dave]]>

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