Review: Dyssidia – Fowlers, Adelaide 26 Feb 2016

Local band Dyssidia have been around since 2010, but took the better part of three years before performing their first gig. Since the release of their debut EP “Quiet Waters” (2013), the band has shared the stage with many of their Australian counterparts including NeO, Voyager, and Caligula’s Horse. They’ve also supported the bands that their sound has developed from, including Tesseract, Opeth, and Beyond Creation. The only band missing from this lineup, and one I would say they owe their sound to, is Porcupine Tree. The “Children Of Aether And Earth” EP (2015), the most recent release, has been well received by the fanbase, and tonight this audience is starting to warm to the possibilities and vagaries of progressive rock.

Dyssidia take the stage in support of the syncopation of CHON and the blunt instrument that is Between The Buried And Me. If there are two things a reviewer appreciates from a frontman, they are who talks, and who takes you through the setlist. Luckily for me, Mitch Brackman is that man. A warmth immediately comes from the stage and, for an early start, there is a healthy crowd. It doesn’t take long for the crowd to return that warmth to Dyssidia.

Just going back to Mitch Brackman for a moment, he reminds me of a number of frontmen from the classic period of progressive rock. The way he interprets the song, and not only throws it to the audience through his voice, but through is body language is a real talent. It’s good to see a talented frontman that not only can sing the spectrum, or even howl the spectrum, but entice the audience through living the lyrics. The rest of the band are no slouches either, and a much punchier performance than October last, when I was a punter and not a reviewer.

The song of the night is ‘Stillage’, which is taken from “Children Of Aether And Earth”, and is a monster of a song. Almost eight minutes long, and as deep as it is dark. The crowd has warmed to Dyssidia, and it looks effortless from where I am standing.

I have to say that Dyssidia looked as comfortable on the stage as the much loved CHON. Having played this stage before, there was a familiarity, but their set was far too shallow in duration to satisfy a band of this depth. Anyway, great performance from a band that I look forward to seeing in the not too distant future, and hope that they get a full release together for 2016.

Dyssidia are: Mitch Brackman – Vocals Nathan Harvey – Keys Corey Davis – Guitars Neil Palmer – Bass Liam Weedall – Drums

Review and Photography: Craig Grant

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