Review: Crobot – GLASGOW 12/11/15

So on the night that Hurricane/Storm/Watery Fart (your choice depending on how windy it was for you…) Abigail came to town and …well, was a bit of a blow out, it was left to two bands from across the pond and some Celtic cousins from south of the border to provide the weather related cliché’s…

“blown away”… Check.

“apocalyptic”… Check

“storm brewing”… Check.

First up for a night of groove were Buffalo Summer. All the old timers (that is me and the photographer) were well aware of what was coming with the last two bands so we had oiled up the hips and necks in anticipation, but Buffalo Summer were the surprise of the night. They did not have much time to play and were on seriously early so things were stacked against them. The guys took it on the chin and said “have some of this then!”.

This Welsh band kicked some serious Scottish ass tonight. If you like your rock 70’s, tinged with a bit of soul and blues, please look no further. They are lucky if they managed to get through half of their self titled, debut album (which I went a bought straight after their set) but it made no difference to the crowd.

Vocalist Andrew Hunt reminded me of Cormac from The Answer, and bassist Darren king would not stand at peace… like a hyperactive tank in overdrive, he laid waste to that stage. I thoroughly recommend seeing these guys live. I assure you, you will not be disappointed. Their facebook status says it all.. Hailing from South Wales, Buffalo Summer are an “effortlessly up beat, groove-laden, sing along balls out rock n roll band.”

Scorpion Child smashed their way through a shortened set which began with brand new single ‘She Sings, I Kill’ , another fine slice of classic Hard Rock that proved that 2013’s debut album was no fluke. Last years line up change has not slowed the band down with new drummer Jon Rice and new bassist Alec Padron fitting in like they’ve been there from day one. Scorpion Child have also added Aaron John Vincent on keys and his heavy playing beefs up an already meat-tastic sound. Most of the debut gets an airing, but the band really struggle with the muddy Cathouse sound, and much of Aryn Jonathan Black’s vocals are lost to the crowd. It takes about 10 minutes for the sound to sort itself out and then Black can actually be heard. The band from Austin,Texas do possess some ball-busting songs in their artillery and ‘Kings Highway’, ‘The Secret Spot’, and the set-closing ‘Polygon Of Eyes’ are epic slices of authentic, guitar driven Rock, that showcase the talent of guitarist Chris Cowart who has taken on the sole guitarist role.

With their sophomore album due February 2016, Scorpion Child announce that they’ll be back on the road soon, plugging the album and converting more people with their balanced mix of 70’s tinged Rock, and modern day crunching riffs.


Everyone’s favourite beardos Crobot are back in town after some high profile support slots on tours from Black Label Society and Volbeat, as well as not one, but two cracking sets at this years Download Festival. A perfect storm (sorry, another weather cliché) of Metal, Blues, Funk, and Classic Rock, the guys from Pennsylvania have gained quite a following, and are welcomed on-stage like returning heroes.

‘Legend Of The Spaceborne Killer’ opens the show as it does on the debut album ‘Something Supernatural’, a fine slab of groove Metal that gets the front rows bouncing. The sound has been cured and Brandon Yeagley’s vocals soar over the crowd and fill the room. For a band without a massive production, Crobot are very visual. Guitarist Chris Bishop took his glasses off and is no longer the mild mannered Clark Kent type that was walking around earlier. Instead, it’s Phil Anselmo on guitar, spinning it round his neck, jumping off the amps and going into the crowd. Yeagley, who reminds me of a very young Bob Seger (it’s the mutton chops) is all legs and bounces all over the stage and at one point jumps on Bishop’s shoulders from a standing start, whilst the Figueroa brothers of Paul on drums and Jake on bass are mesmerizing to watch, especially Jake with his unique style of playing high up on the neck of his Gibson SG.

Like Scorpion Child, Crobot have a new album on the way, and tonight we get treated to several slabs of new material which Yeagley describes as “Funky new shit”. ‘Fat City’, ‘Easy Money’, and ‘Play It Cool’ sound tasty.. Crobot with added funky shit… sexy! Due early 2016, the album sounds like a monster.The funky old shit is also well represented with ‘Skull Of Geronimo’,’Cloud Spiller’,’Wizards’ and ‘The Necromancer’ sounding massive. Yeagley can also play a mean harmonica and I get flashbacks to my teenage years listening to ‘The Wizard’ From Black Sabbath on vinyl. A great set from a band that manage with ease to sound both classic and fresh.

Three cracking bands for a tenner… that’s actually less than the cost of three pints… just saying.

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Review:  Dave Stott

Images:  Ritchie Birnie


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