Review: Create To Inspire – 'Home Is Where My Heart Dies'

Last time I saw Create To Inspire, it was in front of 12 people in the Cavern in Exeter. They had a huge sound and put on a hell of a show, which I was delighted to have witnessed. A few months on and they are releasing a brand new EP. 13 minutes of some of the UK’s finest emerging talent.

First up on this EP is ‘History’. Fast, rhythmic and melodic. A perfect opener. A filthy opening riff throws us into a Hundredth style verse, with the positive addition of clean vocals. Something fresh that CTI are bringing to traditional hardcore. 2:05, wait for it. This section is riffs galore and will have you bobbing uncontrollably. Stand out for me on this track, vocals and guitars. This track combines both aggressive verse sections and highly melodic chorus sections. My stand out part of the track definitely being the middle 8 at 1:50. The communication between the guitars and the vocals made it sound so complete and punishing.

From one riff to the next. ‘Counting Days’ is the second track on this EP and if you thought you’d heard riffs, think again. The opener for this track is gutsy and grim. In the best way possible. This track was released as a single prior to release and what initially got me was its huge chorus. Sean Midson certainly extends out his range with this track. Powerful low end cleans soaring to high pitched screams. A full on track that takes no prisoners. I think at this point in the EP we really hear Luke Taylor’s drums taking a strong hold on the tracks. Keeping them in check, his subtle fills contrasting with his hard hitting snares is something that gives this track a huge dynamic range. Something that is sought after in hardcore.

With 2 songs left we come to ‘Don’t Let Go’. This track definitely has an atmospheric approach in contrast to the rest of the EP. Opening with a clean reverb based guitar section we ease into the track which soon gains accompaniment from a huge solo effort from Midson. The contrast between the cleans and gutsy growls was something I initially did not appreciate, but the true grit behind the vocals and the simplicity behind the guitars is what makes this track quite vulnerable and touching.

‘Home Is Where My Heart Dies’. My favorite track on the EP. Once again the atmospheric intro comes into place. Gutsy growls, nice reverb guitars. But then, straight into an upbeat guitar section. The vocals certainly hitting me at 0:40. Reminding me of Killswitch Engage’s side project, Times Of Grace. The vocals had that low end pitch that just haunts and stylises a track. I’d say that this track is one that leaves us with a hint of the future for CTI. Much more dynamic throughout giving it a variety of paces. Each section giving a part of the band time to stand out. 2:40, that radio effect on the guitars. Yes. Awesome end to an awesome EP.

I have a feeling that this will be one of the finest EP’s that we see coming out of the UK this year. The EP as a whole sounds so complete and polished that I’m eager to hear it on a festival stage. Its something that will just fill a space. Currently the band have been announced for Camden Rocks, Throwfest, Festivile to name a few. I hope to see them announced for a return to Download and hopefully Slam Dunk. They would certainly make an impression alongside such a prestigious line up. The future is bright for Create To Inspire. Watch this space.

 CTI have just finished a run of dates with While She Sleeps but you can catch them on tour with TRC this April.

 29.04.16 – Swansea, The Scene

30.04.16 – Cheltenham, The Frog & Fiddle

01.05.16 – Bridgwater, Cobblestones

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