Review: Beartooth – The Garage, Glasgow

Glasgow is one of my favourite places to party, one of my favourite places to get wild” before proceeding to get wild with us, crowd surfing! Vanna were incredibly energetic, to a point it seemed as if they were the headline act. They sounded phenomenal. Better than they sound on record. They had a presence that you simply could not ignore, a positive vibe and message through both spoken word and music. Everything about them was perfect; backing vocals, lead vocals, growls, the music, their expression, their passion. The Garage floor was bouncing so hard it was like a bouncy castle! Davey decorated his mic stand with a bouquet when they performed their new song ‘Flowers’ from their new album ‘All Hell’, nice little touch. Towards the final part of Vanna’s set, Davey got all emotional. He does a lot of motivational talks around schools in America, and is known to say something positive during a set. After he wrapped up his short speech, they then went on to finish with ‘Digging’ from their previous album ‘Void’. I really have no other words to say… other than they were excellent, I love everything they stand for. There’s just something different about Vanna. They feel, and make you feel too while rocking out. The crowd went mental as soon as Beartooth started… a mosh pit the size of the venue opened up, crowd surfers left, right, and centre. Fans jumping up and down, chanting and singing, wall of death, drinks being flung in the air… it was bloody chaos! I knew this show was going to be a messy one, but fuck me! Glasgow! You done us proud! It was evident that these guys were something special, Everything was perfect, and Beartooth made it look effortless. Vocalist Caleb Shomo stated, “Glasgow. You’re all fucking insane. I can confirm. You’re all insane!” Guitarist, Kamron Bradbury pointed out to a very big dude (he must’ve been 6’10”) to let him go on his shoulders and parade about in the crowd while Beartooth play with mosh pits flooding the floor. By this point, I was in amongst it all, I’d had enough of watching from the sidelines, and wanted a piece of the moshing pie with a side of crowd-surfing. It was delicious! This show was like a slap to the face telling me to wake the fuck up… so refreshing and exciting. Beartooth do not have a song that isn’t catchy or heavy. Every single one is an absolute banger.   All the bands were fucking fantastic tonight, and I would definitely go see every one of them again, without a doubt. Beartooth and Vanna had hit over seventy days worth of consecutive touring, but my God, they didn’t show it at all. Hats off to them. There are so many bands out there who tour for long periods of time like that, but you can tell when they’re performing that they don’t want to be there doing it anymore, and want to be home, which I get, but c’mon, you’re living the dream and all these people are here for you… take advantage of that! Beartooth, Vanna, and Trash Boat did just that. The performances weren’t the only highlight of this show either, obviously bumping into Davey was a really good moment for me. Experiencing the energy of that crowd, and being in the middle of it all was an utter thrill. I’d say this show is definitely one of my favourites of 2016. Review: Carol Black Images: Dave Jamieson       [gallery type='flickr' user_id='132278830@N06' view='photosets' photoset_id='72157675965144902' columns='3' tag_mode='any' sort='date-posted-desc' per_page='45' layout='square' ]  ]]>

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