Review: Avulsed – ‘Altar Of Disembowelment’

Death Metal legends Avulsed, fronted by the inimitable Dave Rotten, have been around since the early ‘90’s, and have an impressive back catalogue of six full lengths and countless splits and EP’s, all a feast of gore, splatter and grotesquery. This latest offering from the Spanish quintet, the five track EP, ‘Altar Of Disembowelment’, continues in their much-loved, corpse flailing, vein of Death Metal.

This time around, not only do you have old school riffs with a subtle underlying melody making it such an addictive and approachable listen, but the lyrics have been penned by the legendary Rogga Johansson, all superbly delivered by the gargantuan gargling growl of Dave (deeper than the abyss, yet surprisingly legible), produced and mastered by Dan Swanno, and with artwork by Juanjo Castellano, thereby adding the gold seal of excellence to the whole package.

The four Rogga penned offerings are complemented by very classically styled construction, beginning with, ‘To Sacrifice And Devour’, opening on punchy riffs and ground shaking growls, before the arrival of haunting and dirty repeat riffs that accompany the vocals, interspersed with a beautifully bleak repeat and attention-grabbing midpoint lead work .

‘Red Viscera Serology’ reminded me a little of Bolt Thrower, with some of the riffs, in a good way. This is balanced with very up-tempo segments, pummelling drum work and pretty decent second half lead work. Agreat track that gets your head nodding.

The ominous, yet up tempo, ‘Ceremony Of Impalement’ has haunting midpoint lead work and some of the best drumming of the release in the second half of the track, along with superb extended growls throughout.

‘Tremble in the Darkness’ opens on some great chugging riffs, as well as a couple of haunting repeat riff patterns that come back time and again, giving a simple yet hugely effective, and darkly catchy, result.

Final track, ‘Neon Knights‘, is an excellent Black Sabbath cover. Here Avulsed give this classic track the up tempo, brutal touch.

‘Altar Of Disembowelment’ is available from Dave Rotten’s label, Xtreem Music, and if you like your death Metal old school and gory then I highly recommend giving this a listen.

Review: Jools Green


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