Review: Another Day Dawns – ‘Stranger’ EP

Another Day DawnsHailing from Lehighton, Pennsylvania, Another Day Dawns are capitalising on the head of steam built up in 2019 through well received live shows, by releasing their latest EP: ‘Stranger’.

Having toured with nu-metalcore outfit Issues last year, you could be forgiven for thinking that Another Day Dawns fall into the same genre. Far from it. They have also performed with acts such as Saving Abel, Buckcherry, Hinder as well as Swedish loons – Avatar. Quite a variety for sure, which is testament to the versatility of the PA bunch. But if you need a genre to slot Another Day Dawns into, then it’s the one marked “modern American rock”. Meaning that ‘Stranger’ contains enough meat on its bones to keep those that like their music on the heavier side happy, while also keeping one eye on those that prefer it a tad lighter.

Opening track ‘Beautiful Suicide’ is a great example of this duality. Beginning with a thumping bass groove, instead of turning down the path marked: Korn, it takes a turn to the left and opts for an ultra-sleek slice of highly polished American rock. Fuelled by the nailed-on drum sound from Nick McGeehan, it’s one of those rarities: a heavy, mainstream rock track that you can actually dance to. Young music fans today are less concerned about pigeonholing bands, so a fan of a band like Shinedown or Bad Wolves might enjoy ‘Beautiful Suicide’ just as much as someone who has Imagine Dragons on their playlist.

‘Am I’ is all about the killer guitar solo from Tyler Ritter and the impassioned vocals of Dakota Sean. A vocalist with quite an unique style (IE he doesn’t try to sound like Myles Kennedy, or throw in some pitiful attempt at rapping) Sean has in places, a warm rasp, with a hint of fragility (especially on the ballad-of-sorts ‘Never Okay’). He doesn’t overreach like many young vocalists today by going for an extra note or two, and the vocal gymnastics are few and far between, a scream on ‘Taste Of Heaven’, a growl or two on ‘Forget Me Not’. A vocalist, and a band, to most certainly look out for.

Available now, more information here.

Review – Dave


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