Review: Resurrection Kings – 'Resurrection Kings'

So, like the old adage about waiting ages on buses then three come along at once, we have another Dio inspired/connected album to go along with Last In Line. As well as sharing original Dio drummer Vinny Appice, both bands also feature musicians who have at some point played in Do. Wielding the guitar in Resurrection Kings is Craig Goldy, who played on various albums for Mr Dio and also toured alongside Ripper Owens as part of Dio’s Disciples. It’s been an eternity since Goldy has recorded anything new, and thankfully he still has a deft touch at peeling off riff after riff with ease. Completing the line up are former Bonham vocalist Chas West, and Sean McNabb who has played bass with Dokken,Quiet Riot, and Lynch Mob, amongst many others. With a line up like that, it’s fair to say that Resurrection Kings are not peddling Metalcore, nope…the order of the day is Old School Hard Rock, retro as well as melodic, but with a refreshing honesty that basically sticks a middle finger up to anyone who doubts their sincerity. It tips it’s hat to the golden era of Dio, Whitesnake, Rainbow, et al, but still manages to stay fresh.

‘Distant Prayer’ opens the album up with a screeching intro from Goldy before Appice comes in with his trademark heavy hitting sound. West has a glorious room filling voice that impresses from the off, but equally impressive is how powerful Goldy’s soloing is considering how long it’s been since we’ve really heard him play on record. ‘Livin’ Out Loud’ has a touch of Whitesnake about it, swaggering and bluesy, with a sweet solo from Goldy mid song. Appice and McNabb make for a formidable rhythm section by just keeping it solid and simple, while West releases his inner Robert Plant as the song reaches it’s climax.’Who Do You Run To’ and ‘Fallin’ For You’ are two tracks that flow really well, and the vocals from West are spot on… especially during the “Somebody wake me up I’m dreaming..” chorus on ‘Who Did You Run To’. ‘Fallin’ For You’ changes tempo many times over it’s six minutes, and has a thumping backbone from Appice and McNabb throughout.

Every Hard Rock album needs a power ballad, and ‘Never Say Goodbye’ is thankfully nothing like the saccharine Bon Jovi song of the same name. Echoes of  ‘Here I Go Again’ from Lord Coverdale and Whitesnake on this one… soulful vocals from West, and yet another top notch solo from the big man.’Path Of Love’ is perfect Melodic Rock. Catchy-as-hell, without wussing out. ‘Don’t Have To Fight’ is an out and out rocker, with some thumping bass from McNabb, and the closing salvo of ‘Silent Wonder’, and ‘What You Take’ up the ante with a healthy mix of well executed beefy riffs and catchy hooks.

As recordings from so called “supergroups” go, this is a good solid debut, that doesn’t attempt to be anything other than steeped in the late 80s/early 90s sound, which is fine by me, I fucking loved that era. The songs are polished, the playing is phenomenal, and this is one project that I hope continues for a while to come.

Resurrection Kings is released January 29th through Frontiers Records and can be pre-ordered HERE

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